Last Night

One day I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the murmer of voices. I listened and heard my mom's friend saying, "Yes he's to dependent" Then to my everlasting consternation my mom said "Yes the world would be a better place if that crippled son of mine had been aborted" Even as I bit my pillow to keep from screaming in rage she continued "I can stand Ruth. Cerebral palsy is a mental issue. Its not her fault that she's a retard. But when someone hides behind the 'I am physically disabled' routine I think their lying. I heard on the radio about..."

At this point I covered my ears and cried myself to sleep.
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omg im so sorry. i just had a fight with my mom it was abusive and she hurt me mentally and physically but your story made me cry. my mom made fun of me becuase i was in specal ed she would run around yelling "retard retard your a retard". i wanna hug you right now :'( im so sorry you had to hear that from your mom

I am sorry for you as well thank you.

What a horrible thing for a parent to say, she should be ashamed of herself


so sorry<br />
<br />
many times those with cp have a higher IQ then most just is harder to test

My sister is effected with CP physically only