Favorite Child

Once upon a time, mom and I went to visit my sister, who is mentally challenged and lives in a group residence. We went to a public mall and in one of the stores I split off from them for a bit while they went to look at something.

After a while I realized they were gone. I searched the whole store, nothing. I searched the whole mall, nothing. I searched the place 3 times... nothing. I even checked with security, who said, "well, we really don't use the overhead speakers to page people unless it's an emergency." Uh, missing child?

Well, finally I realized I had been abandoned. Well, partially. See, mom finally came back and found me. Her words, and I should carve this on her tombstone

"I hope you don't think I'm happy to see you."

Sis had just walked out the door and mom had gone after her. Now, when mom screamed, trees fell over. No one was capable of disobeying her. If she had yelled "STOP!" at sis, sis would have cried, but she would have stopped and come back in so they could have gotten me and taken me with them, instead of leaving me there.

I was not 18 at the time, this was illegal.

And some years later, same public mall, sis goes missing. We search. And we search. And we search. Finally find her and

mom cries, telling sis

that she was worried about her.

but no yelling at all.

Sis was the favorite child, I was worthless. Abandonment complete.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

This so sad. Mothers shouldn't have faves. I'm so sorry for you really,

Yes my mother did things of this sort , i hated her for that and still hold a bit of resentment but the best thing u can do is put it on here and take the weight off ur shoulders !