Never Smoked...

I'm totally against smoking around children - it should be illegal! 

I've never smoked, but I've had smoking related illnesses due to relatives smoking. (Cheers )

  • Glue Ear
  • Bronchitis

Glue ear - Bane of my childhood, caused by my brothers smoking around me when I was a baby.

I had communication difficulties because I was partically deaf & couldn't hear words properly. I'd frequently get earaches that lasted days and left me howling with pain.

I now have scarred eardrums from having gromits. I'm still deaf at certain tones & get ear ache occasionally. 

Bronchitis - I went to my grandmother funeral when I was about 8 & at the wake I was in a big room packed with everyone smoking, few days later I had bronchitis, normally a disease of old smokers. Go figure.

Needless to say, as I got older, smoking held absolutely no appeal for me - it's made me ill for too long.

MadaManga MadaManga
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I smoke, I agree that people shouldn't smoke around children. Unlike some I have always been respectful of people who don't smoke. If I was out at a restaurant and someone came in and my smoking bothered them I would put it out if they asked me to. Or if I saw that it was bothering them. I never smoked in the house where the kids were. My ex wife would but I wouldn't. I don't mind not smoking around people I know it bothers. The thing I have a problem with is when instead of just simply asking If I would mind putting out my smoke, someone being rude and demanding that I put it out. There is where PART of the problem is.