I've Been In Some Awkward Situations Before

Some? How about a many? Should I write a couple to get this started or just mention one? Let's see how it goes....

Okay. Years ago, when my husband and I lived in Daytona Beach, FL, during Race Week ( Daytona 500) we were invited to sit in the Pepsi Suite.

Now this is great, no bleachers-comfy seats! No blazing heat-airconditioning! Through glass we could watch the race in comfort and there was a huge

buffet. Get what you want, sit down and get comfy anf someone would bring you something to drink. All of us were there because Pepsi wanted our business or our spouse's which was my case.

When asked what I would like to drink, not thinking, I asked loudly for a Diet Coke! Worse I did not realize my mistake until my husband asked me,
his tone of voice so sweet, if I would'nt prefer a Diet Pepsi!!  Oops!

Okay. I was a new employee at a large and at the time a well known department store. I worked in the office and everyone in there rotated working one
night a month. It so happened that my night was coming up my very first week.

The evening past without incident until the floor manager came to the office and told me to go on the P.A. and make the "closing announcement".

Nobody had remembered to tell me about doing this or what to say! The manager had already walked away! I thought for a moment and went to the microphone just "winged it". You know, telling the time, when we would open the next day, etc.

I thought I was doing pretty well untill I ended by thanking everyone for shopping at So&So's, only that was the name of another department store,
our biggest competitor!!  Oops!

I have more, but will save for another time.  blush

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

You guys crack me up!! LOL Robert you Really did a good one!! LOL<br />
Owlie, I did not even know they Had waffles at Waffle House! LOL<br />
ladee, you know what I want to say to you, brat! LOL

Well we all kinda get ourselve's into those position's here and there dont we Boomer How would you like to be in church up on the pulpit and talking about the apostal peter and say, that is just what we need in the church today, more peter's, and the wonder why everybody is smiling at you. I am more inclinded to stay in my seat now.

that's funny..I once ask for pancakes at the Waffle House..The waitress was snooty after my litle mistake..AW..sorry waffle lady.