Nationals Park

I've ridden the DC metro trains but only to the Nationals blpark. Just there and back. The last time I went was when I took my fiance to a ballgame.
It was her very first experience on any sort of rapoid transit vehicle, and I wanted it to be a good experience for her. We parked at the station, went in*nd bought tickets, and boarded the train. We were at and endpoint on the route, so we did et good seets in. An uncrowded caRrr. As we rode along, more prople got on and off, ans I could see she was comfortable, sitting, watching, and takinmg it all in. We had to switch trains, and she took it well, despite being rather nervous. At the ballpark we enjoyed the game and the food from my company's luxury box, and then returned on the trains just as we had ridden in.

For her, it was a positive experience, and we will ride the trains on other visits to DC later.

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And you survived ? I am from the country and city folks scare me. The only way I would ride any kind of city bus or subway system would be if I had my trusty .45 with me.

We definitely WILL visit DC again, my love...several times, I hope...

@tiger...I hope to, baby...<br />
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