My dad is a single dad he raised me and my sister... My question is being disciplined an female different than a male
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Many say, that women are worse spanker than men. Mom's generally have less sympathy about a sore girls rear than dad's.
In general moms are more of a spanker than Dads in general.

I don't know my dad never has spanked me but my mom does a hell of a job with her brush and her 2 foot piece of rubber hose that is kept in the barn

How old are you tiff? Can you add me? Are you still spanked?

18 yes I am

2 foot rubber hose? Add me and message me I would like to know about it if don't mind sharing with me. You can message me once you add me. :)

Hi can you add me please I would love to be able to talk to you in pvt. Message