Breaking News: Fly Swatters Hurt D:

When I do something worng, I earthier get the belt, or the flyswatter, both bare D: If I get the belt I go get the belt, pull my pants and panties down, bend over my bed, for a 1 min trip to hell :( but the fly swatter is WAY worse, when dad (most of the time not mom) says im in for it i have to go to the gauge when the flyswatter hangs, take it off it's hook (by now my buts already buring just from looking at it) then i have to drag it back to my bed room againts my wil:( once im there dad is sitting on the bed waiting for me, next i have to give him it trying beg out of it, it almost never works:( lucky me has to put my hands on my head while dad takes down my pants and panties, trying for a last try, to keep a white but:( then he takes me over his lap and... well you know the rest....:(((((((((:(:(;(;(
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I know what you mean I get it all the time

When I was a little boy, age 5-6, My mom would stand me up on the kitchen chair, pull down my pants and undies, and then swat my hiney and the backs of my thigs with the fly swatter. That really stung!