I Fingered My Daughter Last Night...

I still can't fully comprihend it. My wife, my daughter & I just got done watching a movie together on the couch & I told my 8year old daughter it was time for bed so, she ran off to her room & waited for me to tuck her in. My wife wispered in my ear "don't take too long in there or you could miss out on something really fun tonigh" so, ofcourse I hurried as much as I could. I walked into Jamie, my daughter, 's room. Noticed her clothes on the floor. She chose to sleep naked again. Just like last time I picked up her panties & sniffed the crotch, but this time i did it right infront of her. "Daddy, do they smell bad?" she asked as I walked over to her. "No honey, they smell fine. I actually like the smell of that area of girls. That just means you are becoming a woman". "Does it smell like mommies?" she asked "pretty close. Hers taste good too" I said under my breath. "Well, how does mine tease? Taste it daddy." she said while shoving her hand beneath the blanket 2 rub herself then licking her fingers. Horney as hell I jumped at the chance. "Ok, but let me fingure put my way" I asked "alright daddy". I slowly drifted my hand beneith the blanket. I caressed her smoothe hairless slit with my fingers. "Well, it's a bit dry, let me wet it up for you" I said & she smiled. I licked my fingers & resumed. It didn't take long to wet her up & slide my finger up & down her labia. "That feels good daddy" she said. I began rubbing her **** & she let out a little moan so I continued. I could'nt help myself, I had to explore her hole. I slid my finger down to the opening & slowly pushed my finger in. It took about 2 minutes of trying & another lick of my finger but I finally got in. Slidding my finger in & out over & over again. She was so wet & moaning so hard. "Honey, I'm waiting" my wife yells from down the hall. It shocked me back into reality. I pulled my finger out of her tight wet hole, got up & headed out the door. "I love you daddy" Jamie said as I left the room. Walking down the hall I kept thinking "what the hell have I done". I acted like nothing ever happened & actually ended up having sex with my wife. What an interesting night.
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idk what to say... i mean, if she's not your flesh and blood, i'll understand. but i'm sure that is your real daughter... pretty good but that's the forbidden line you're treading on.

hmm and dun let the mummy know? and tell her not to say anything. and also tell her its bad thing to do, i guess...

Yeah, BS and your wrong and sick, that was your little girl😿

Hot would u mind fingering me

If he won't, I will

first of all pretty hot
second of all don't read theses stories if your just going to call BS on it
and finally what's the other story called when your daughter slept naked B4?

No offense man, but you molested your daughter. She will be scared for life

Yea, I got to call this BS.

I agree. A lot of these stories are B.S. Either share true experiences or get off on some other site.

Lick her *****

perhaps one night when mom is not home. you can do more. wish i was there such a turn on. got me so hard. ty.

**** i wanked myself silly to that and shot my load in my own mouth any more horney stuff

My dad Phucked when i was 13

how old are you now??

every girl should be f*cked by the time she is five yrs old and the dad should get them used to sex.....

I do agree fathers shouldnt do this with their daughters but to be fair for those of you who left comments.... Why did you even enter to this story or read it? If this doesnt excite you then you would never even read it... But the fact that it excited you, you felt guilty....

Dont get me wrong, I don't agree with this AT ALL!!! I would never do this with my father and an 8 year old asking her father to do this or touching herself is a little disturbing... However, for some reason I find myself always here reading these stories even though I would never do it in reality and my father is a good man and never in million years would do this to his own daughter...

But before we judge others, please take time and judge yourself for reading all of this story...

OMG I agree with this 100%. My dad would never do any of this to me. I'm 14. The last time my dad saw me naked was when I was 2 years old in the bathtub. I was at a sleepover with a bunch of my horny friends and they all were ************ to stories like these and I kinda got addicted

If this weren't so much BS, it would be countless crimes and the guy should be locked up.

I'm calling a massive amount of bullshit here

I think you need to set some boundaries very quickly.

Control yourseld DAD!