A Little Show

Julia was telling me how one of her graduate students was somewhat attracted to me and had hinted that she would love to watch me masterbait me in front of her. Her name was Li, a Chinese student, and I got a good look at her through our guest bath peep-hole. I think maybe 22, beautiful thin body, great ***, full thick dark bush, nice nipples but no **** at all. She even masterbaited hard and fast before her bath. Like I was ever going to say no.....! A little wine, the 3 of us in the sauna in bathing suits, and I was in heaven! I simply couldn't hide the fact that the sight of her in a string bikini had me aroused. Julia was all smiles. You should have seen their eyes as I went from tiny to giant horse-**** in about 60 seconds. She mover closer to me and put her head on my stomach to watch (very close) - but nothing else happened......this time anyway! I stroked slow and directly for her benefit, laster maybe 5 minutes, and must have "launched" 6 feet in the air as both of them giggled! Julia says it's "not over" - but we'll see.
julialover julialover 41-45 5 Responses Nov 26, 2011

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Your a lucky man

Your a lucky man

I like how your 'taboo' activities are starting slowly.

No, no 3some yet - but after a nice long look at her body and watching her masterbait I've told Julia to do what she can to set it up. We'll see.

Lovely story. Did you have a 3some with her afterwards? :-)