Sit Down And Enjoy The Show

I just loved how her eyes lit up as I pulled out my long thick manhood. Getting it so hard before her very eyes and you knew it moistened her in the sincerest manner. The show began with me just gently teasing it by just yanking at it slowly and playfully, and then for a few moments fast and hard so she could get off on my joyous moans and feel the heat radiate from my hands friction over my shaft.

The head of my c0ck was swollen like a pronounced mushroom with it having a purple tinge with all the blood rushing to the tip. I yanked at my ball to calm myself a bit, and then I got more anxious by pulling it fast and hard with her hearing my hand vibrate violently over my shaft and my ecstatic moans lighting up the room.

Pre *** coated my c0ck and I was so close, and she was so expectant of the eruption....

She got real close to my knob to get off on the radiant heat that accompanied my cuming, and then as if I was a fountain my hot seed was squirting out everywhere
juicyboy21 juicyboy21 22-25, M 6 Responses Jan 7, 2012

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mmm very hot!

thank you for the kind words

So hot dude, hard right now reading it.

And yet, we have no photos of your instrument. So disappointing.

lol- i have obviously caught your attention

wow i wish i could have watched too, so sexy!!!

Good story. Vivid descriptions. I was there. Nicely done. Pat yourself on the back for that. No, smack yourself in the face. :)

thank you for the kind words

Any ****** time

Thats hot tell me more nuaghty boy