Happiness Is Waking Up In Wet & Messy Cloth Diapers.

One of the benefits of being diapered 24/7 and never having been potty trained. Is waking up most every morning, having wet and pooped in my diapers while i slept. Sometimes my poop is still warm and squishy around my throbbing morning woody. And sometimes, i might have pooped shortly after falling asleep. So, my stiffened **** will have more poop stuck to it all around it for many hours, by the time i wake up and hump it all to a wonderfull *********** in poop filled diapers, before getting out of bed. And, there are times, like on weekends, when my wife enjoys sleeping in, that i just stay in those same wet, poop, and *** filled diapers until around noon, That's more than enough time, to enjoy ******* another time in them, before she gets around to finally changing my diapers. What fun!!!

AlanisAlicetoo AlanisAlicetoo
56-60, T
Jul 16, 2010