Beg For Sex

I guess sometimes the hubby&wife are on different levels as far as wanting sex.I think my wife can go months w/out, i can't. i get to craving it ,the perfume smell,to touch her body, to kiss her all over. i need this to feel like a man again. is this normal?
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Of course it is. That means you are human, a true nan and there is no need to apologize for how you feel. It's not sex, but if you find a great massage therapist in your area that does sensual massages you will fall in love with them. It does something to the body that can be just as good as sex. It's harmless and it's a natural part of life. Sensuality. Enjoy your life. You only live once. Maybe you and your wife can go get massages for couples. Research Tantra. Good luck. I hope I was helpful

I think it is totally normal..... I would be the same way.... A lot of us would and do feel this way.