Sex By Obligation Not Desire.

It's saturday legs are open.You want me to go down on you or do it from behind.I will not do anything to you but lie on my back.That's my sex life after 20 years I am hyper sexual and she is a sloth with no drive.I get a 1 to 2 am time slot than it's nothing during the week,we've had days off together at home without the kids but she just finds anything to avoid intimacy,ie;phone calls,computer,house clean,errands,headaches,or a carrot to promise better action by the weekend.Yes I do most of the house cleaning,shopping for food and two of our kids are teens and pretty self sufficient. Life is to short when the dog and kids and job gets more nurturing than a husband of 20 years.She said Quote not in the heat of conversation either,I don't have any desires but I'll make sure your relieved you don't have to do anything.Just existing is so empty.

Reefcham Reefcham
46-50, M
Mar 7, 2009