A New Life (part 1)



                             About 10 months ago i made 1 ofthe biggest mistakes of my life.

I tryed 2 kill myself.

The story begins about 4 yrs ago. my 1st actual boy friend Chris H. and I met through chorus. Our 1st yr in middle school. His best friend Anthony K. liked pickin on me (i later found out it was bc he was jealous of me), he would brake up pencils and throw them at me. I would get so mad.

              I soon found out I had the biggest crush formed on him. But I knew I would never allow myself 2 go out with him. Then I met Chris . He was everything and more, I was so inspired, and fell in love wit him more with every move he made. I loved his mom she was so nice. We were so close to a full yr 2gether, he never 1ce kissed me. Untill dec.12. (Ihad never kissed any1 be4) after that everything was rewend. we went on Xmas vaction and I new sumpin was wrong, I'd call him and he always had sum excuse not 2 talk. It killed me insde. We came back jan.3 everything was normal we met up at breakfast, still normal. We started walkin back 2 our homerooms. he didnt talk half the way. he turned 2 me and i could feel darkness and a cold emptyness be4 it happened,i new wat was happening he was leaving me . 

 he told me he didnt think we should be 2 gether anymore. I was in shock 4 a few mins. all i could say was no in a pleading voice(even i could feel the pain in my voice)

                     all i could do or bring  myself to do as he started 2 walk away was go from leaning on awall, was my legs colapsing and me sliding down the wall in histarics. i walked through the rest of the day as cold as my emptyness inside of me. In every class he was in of mine all i could do was cry.he killed me from the inside out. He called after school I refused 2 talk 2 him. my world was dark, lonely, and cold. It was like that 4 about a week. He finally called and talked 2 my mommy.....

  THE REST IS 2 BE CONTINUED                    


skylar93 skylar93
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010