Being Turned Out By Older Sister

I took advantage of my sister . On some nights when her husband was away for work , I would spend the night . I took advantage by dressing in her clothes . I took advantage by touching her body sexually and photographed her , All this I did while she slept in her bed . One day she set up a camcorder in her bedroom and the next day showed me the playback . My cross dressing secret was out . My sister told she knew for awhile I was a CD boy but I never went out in public . My sister didn't mind me cross dressing BUT for taking advantage of her trust I would have to pay and pay dearly . From now on , in her presence , I will be Sophia . When I come over , I have to first find a place to change in fem clothes before I go in and stay dressed in Fem until I leave for home . I must arrive completely hairless from my face to my toes , except for very femininely trimmed patch above my peenee as she calls it . I then put on what ever she's put out for me to wear in public . That's my punishment as my sister put it " Trained to be a lady for public viewing. To cross dress and go out in public I've never imagined , and to be forced by my sister or else she'll show the recording to her big *** husband (he kill me for touching his wife ) My stories will be about my training and experiences from my past . My name is SOPHIA and I love wearing feminine clothes .
26-30, M
6 Responses Sep 13, 2012

You obviously have a great sister, Sophia, and lucky you ...

nice way to have it done

Thank you ,,,,it is very much

I can hardly wait to read more, Sophia.

Wow fancy being dressed as Sophia nice femme name. Enjoy going out, beautiful being a gurl and you will be forever girl. Hugs

I love to prepare my new girly shaped body even more now . I love the feel of bathing my body , shaving my legs , sliding on my nylons , it is all such a sexual thrill. I LOVE IT..I FEEL SO FEMME NOW

I wish my sister did that to me. She doesn't like it when I dress or even wear a bra in her house. So when I go there I try to wear a bra with no padding and not noticeable and under a heavy sweat shirt or sweater.

love u sis and ur sis <br />
we will enjoy dear

Thanks for your nice comment . Do you have pics rajjo ?

i want to see ur but not able to
i will put them