Followed By Multiple People

I am monitored, harassed and stalked every day.  I have concluded from many observations and events which I will not detail in this writing,  that I am under surveillance both inside and outside my home.  I have not broken any laws and I am not a criminal.  The following short piece only touches the surface of this experience without delving into the details.  It is really only just the beginning. 

On my way to my destination there would always be one or two city or metro police cars that would drive by me as I walked, or drive by me as I returned.  When I changed my schedule in the hopes that this would cease, it still continued to occur.  There is always a police officer who turns around to face me and circle around me whenever he sees me, but he never confronts or exits his car.  I ignored this eerie behavior but it continued to happen.  I never had any encounters with law enforcement, so this was very strange.  

I started to ride the bus to avoid this unusual attention, but then strange people began to board the bus.  Some of them would board and exit at the same stops while watching to see where I was going.  These odd looking individuals always knew when I exited my apartment, so l know there are people in my building informing them of my movements.   This bizarre behavior of stalking and passing by me as I walk on campus, in grocery stores, and on the bus continued every day.   

I have experienced 'brighting' by these same vehicles on many occasions.  'Brighting' means that cars aimed their blinding lights or high beams at me on the road and outside my residence.  One evening, one of them parked his car in the direction I was walking towards and aimed his extremely bright head lights at me for quite some time, only to turn them off after I had passed.  In addition to this, I was subjected to street theater, gas lighting, and harassment everywhere. 

What began as strange peculiar looking individuals following me around, soon progressed into serious remote electronic assaults on me both inside and outside my home.  I left apartments multiple times to escape the electronic assaults, only to be harassed again in the new residence by the neighboring units. 

If you are new to the crime of organized stalking visit:
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I'm can relate to what's happening to you because it's happening to me too but worst these people are constantly coming by my house screaming things by my window talking about me to neighbors and anybody who will listen I just wish I new how to make them stop I just don't understand how can something like this be possible and no one believes me no one can help put a stop to it I can't work because they talk about me to other employees until I have to quit my outings. Are limited because of these people can anyone help I thought people were suppose to help one another not kick you when your down can anyone help???

What we all need to do is stay in contact with each other and try to see our similarities is he the reason why this is happening

I know it's difficult be strong.... Smile say them. Waive.... I sometimes go to grocery store parking lot and just drive to the lanes repeatedly. I've even thought maybe we were aliens or alien hybrids and they're watching us for those reasons. I know it sounds nuts but it's crossed my mind . I work at a bank in a Drive-Thru window and sometimes they just go through the drive-thru and stare at me imagine how I can focus and count money with that going on.

Has anyone seen the hand signals they use with each other when they are following you?

Yes, my favorite one is when they pick their nose to each they couldn't have come up with something a little less childish?

And some of them don't even know they are being used to track you. These involuntary signals are induced into their bodies by the unclean spirits which mind control them. The culprits are the few elites who mind control them through these spirits(referred to as Alters).

I just realized the hand signals yesterday. I knew it was real when I saw a gas station worker on clock do it. I just came in from sitting on my car since about 11 followed me today. I got one car to speak but it was baloney they told me that there was a 12 year old girl missing since 1 o'clock p.m. today. Why do we not call the police blows me so I know they're part of it

I to am being followed everywhere I go even when I stay in motels I feel that people are watching me and it is a very scary feeling

I am a real Truman Show victim. You probably already know who I am, without mention of my name. I have lived this nightmare of being followed, watched, harassed when I do not do what "they" want me to do or when I veer from routine. This has gone on for the last 17 years in every state that I have lived in, I have had cameras placed in my apartments, people have been lied to about me just to be in on the spying that has violated my life. When I try to leave the country, some world event is always initiated, like 9/2011, when months before this event, I had dreams that I had to get my family out of the US, because something bad was going to happen to myself specifically. "They" have lied to people about me in order for them to keep watching me, everywhere I go I am recognized and followed, and when they know that you know that they are doing this, they come back with calling me crazy and making up lies about me and literally talking about me everywhere I go, I have proof of this on audio and video. I am a child of the Most High G-d and these "things", not people, because this is not normal human behavior; this is highly demonic in action and implementation. Friends do not be deceived, "know that if they hate you, that they hated me first", The Lord Thy Savior Jesus Spoke this message for encouragement." The Lord is very much on Hid Way To Redeem the Earth, from its satanic clutches. Be Always Blessed in His Name! ( How do I know this, when you speak scripture to them or around them, they flee) Psalm 1, 91, 23,55, 3, 100)

I am having the same experience


Sum it up in three words for you, New World Order.

Your govt might think they can help you, but will only make situation worse because they too are the branch of the same tree. These people are brought together into the same organization or company by the same unclean spirits, hence they can't be of much help.

It is a terrible thing to live with and I have for most of my life. I think that the world is not what it looks like. I realize that is a very common thing to say, but it is real. There is so much evil and so many reasons why the government follows certain people, that we may never know why. Just realize you are nothing but a head of cattle to the government. We are all expendable. Especially, if you are sort of a loner and not in touch with family. To cope, I have built my own world that I enjoy and have accepted the fact that I am an interesting subject to someone for some reason. I have my own idea;s that are too long to get into, but if you think you are being followed, then you are. Period. No one will believe you. Try to enjoy life anyway and watch them watch you, but don't let them know you know. I sometimes find glee in making them take huge steps that lead to nothing. Just know, you are being watched so mind your peas and ques. Stay close to God and your spiritual side, I have become very psychic to their movements and I know it is because of my prayers, keep praying. Keep doing good no matter what. I will say this, what ever any of us say we sound crazy, but I think my followers are from very odd and weird experiences I had as a child. I mean the black helicopters and all that. Who knows what they are looking at and want to keep up with me, but they do. Then there is my crazy ex husband who continually checks in on my doings, but the bottom line is this. It is only going to get worse, you have to find a way to live with it so you don't loose your sanity. For a while they wanted me to know and they were blatant about it, I felt like I was part of an FBI training experience or something. They had the dumbest people following and watching me, everyone started to notice. They disappeared for a while, but now they are back. They will also slander you to your neighbors and get them to assist, it is amazing how people feel important when they can use peeping as a way to get their jollies off. Most people would be thrilled if "law enforcement" or the equivalent came to their door and told them you were someone to be leery of and then asked them to spy and report. Most people will too. You should know that and anyone on this blog probably does. People WANT to believe the worst and make watching you their source of entertainment. My ex told everyone in my neighborhoods that I was a drug dealer and gave drugs to children. Well, without even knowing me, people believed it, they want to, they want to believe the worst and have a reason to hate. He had private detectives go to my neighbors everytime I moved, like clockwork. It got so bad, I even knew where the camera's and microphones were, and I would pull them out of the walls, but they would be right back again in a different place. I could see the neighbors WATCHING on their tv screens, They wouldn't even hide it, they would leave their curtains open the whole bit. They were hooked into the secret surveillance camera's. for real. They loved it, how sick is that. Bless you all.

Same thing is happening to me. But I have no clue to why. I lost friends family trust . I don't have no one to talk to in person I have to act like everything is normal just so I don't scare my Kids .Iam so stressed. Please give me advance on how to stay calm

I'm being followed my every move n now I think they have taken my girlfriend. Been over a week since the last time I've seen her. I also kno for a fact they drugged her with herion and meth before they took her. I feel it's because of my free thinking mind and beliefs. Because I dare to question the structure of sociaty and those who keep it in order......

<p>Same here! There is alott of car thefts in my neiborhood, I always go out and check my car outside, and then, people started. Driving by me and thinking I'm stealing . Followed me to work I was frustrated so I consulted and I bought a camera and I started to record all the motha plates. For a harassment lawsuit Lol.. No cars driving here! No more!

You have choices. Either you can overcome or you can be consumed. Let your every action hold accountable. Embrace your enemies. Earn their respect. Show yourself to be a worthy adversary. Don't lose your sense of self. Do not be intimidated. Live free or die trying.

It is very hard to embrace your enemies especially when you don't know who these enemies are ir what they want. Everyday I lose a part of me because of the fear I live with I feel that I have noone I can turn to for support or help

I feel the same way

Learn their plans about you. Then make them believe they have completed their current level on you(except for suicide or imprisonment because you won't be able to teach them once you do that). That's when they'll proceed to the next level, jump the gun and get hit by their own bullets. If you have best defensive techniques in your sleeves you might even try the "give the dog a bone" tactic. You are right, they want more than half of you which escape piece at a time through those emotions they induce in you to finally use it to convince you their belief system is of "greater good" or they know God better than you. You don't need anybody's approval nor some accredited institution's certificate for God to communicate to you.

One thing I should mention is they are not only bad guys who play good before the public eyes, they are EVIL and cold murders. They will destroy any piece of you they already stole/robbed you of once they realize you were just playing along. Pieces of you, without which you end up suffering the so called chronic diseases, which we all know where they lead to.

You know one of the reasons they do this to you? They claim you must "earn a living", the worst foolish idea in the history of philosophy. They don't even know you earned a living the moment you were born.

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If you are new to the crime of organized stalking visit: Help for targeted individuals:

Have the same problem I am currently taking pics and vids, then sending, copies 2 cnn, local news, whatever news station that will tell this story about inncocent folks being harassed....If we all do this, the story might become nationwide...keep aware of your surroundings n stay safe.....

What is a tracking detector

I am also being followed my seniors in crown vics and the police I see 25 to 40 crown vics and any where from 10 to 30 police cars daily at every exit or on ramp they just show up I turn off my cell amd than the police show up going to go to the spy store and bjuhy a tracking detectolr

I need input help and advice.. I am nobody, yet somebody has me targeted. I am being followed by multiple vehicles, ppl of all ages, races, and gender. It's not followed like just behind me, they are always passing me, turning into driveways, and even walking dogs and children. Maybe it's the illuminati- yup crazy thinking here- I have no idea what to think. Once the Yukon for sure had a free mason sticker. Maybe it's the nephalym- again out of this world crazy but I'm not sure what to think. They are nice cars- yukons, beamers, audis, a lot of malibus and blazers, but it's big and real.. Started w just gmc cars I think- idk... At this point I find myself thinking everyone is one of them.. It's seriously uncool.. If I knew why I wouldn't get so angry over it, but I am angry and I instigate them. Take pics of their vehicles- pull into dead ends and wait as they often drive up and down. I pull into driveways turn lights off and pull out when they get there- I drive 20 mikes under the speed limit & they remain a nice distance most times and go just as slow. I have straight out busted them over and over. One night dropped sons g.f off and pulled into an apartment complex and my son an I laid down- a truck comes in- drives past- turns around and leaves- returns to do same thing- than blazer pulls in passes us- turns around. Parks and gets out- my son says haha he lives here and the guy walks up the steps and is standing where he thinks he is out of site just standing there- I turn car on and bolt- abou two min down the road I say- shd I turn around and see if he is still there- we go back- nope he's gone. Next night dead end I go to a way off no where street and park 6 min into it red Malibu- passes I'm laying down- passes two more times than pulls in the driveway at end of street and doesn't get out. I pass and get out of neighborhood to return and no Malibu- one time I passed sons girlfriends house and the turned into complex next door blue Malibu I followed all the way there for 18 min is sitting there in the start of the complex he fumbles the breaks and bolts- I bolt after him and a red car is on my *** instantly- this I a huge rich neighborhood at midnight- I make a turn to turn around and red car parks on side of road instantly- blue Malibu gone- I pick up my son directly next door to the complex and just had to check if car was still there- nope--- it wasn't. At 2 am in rainstorm I go to take pics in a great area I have many times- away from everyone in construction- and truck pulls up parks a street away... Wtf!!!!! That's just a small sample of this.. I don't get it but someone on here said there has to be a common denominator and I do not know where to begin without help.. I do take pics and openly Facebook them of Chemtrails and are sky and sun! I read a lot and could be considered a conspiracy theorist.. Found a couple written matched that match pics but like I said I have not truly begun to look and since plates change so much I must look at different models w same plates matching a different car and find real concrete proof but I assure you I am correct and proof can always be labeled as coincidence to some ppl... Any ideas. Suggestions, and or leads w anyone else?? Finished at 1:11... Ironic...

done the same thing and I don't know what to do after this I mean why is it happening I believe something with my ex but I don't know what's going on

WOW!! I'm experiencing the same ****'n thing it started happening about two weeks ago every day cars everywhere driving up and down my street looking straight at me I don't know these people or what they want. Just yesterday I went to a do it yourself car wash as I pulled into the driveway I noticed a red car behind me "like always there's a car behind me"as I pulled into the wash port the red car behind me instead of pulling into a wash port like everybody else he parks directly behind me gets out of his car and abandons it, completely walks away from his car and out of sight wtf? It's happening at work to the company I work for, for no apparent reason laid off 6 people who worked in the janitorial department it's strange because I knew these people and they were hard workers why would the company lay them off? These new janitors are constantly making eye contact with me on several occasions I had to confront two of them in a very angry state of mind these people are everywhere and of all races why?

Being followed in Southern California at the moment. Not sure why and will get into more detail. This is a list of license plates I've been seeing and well curious if you have too. Mix of cars some old some new the old ones stand out with new shiney plates on a beater.
7T57022. Slv Tun
6VLC656 red old like bk to ftr car
6RZL046 Slav Hyundai
6YEZ921 Prius
6FLA177 Nissan morano
Dealer Plates

No, I have not seen any of those. Keep recording them.

You are not alone. I am being followed by different people of all races, age, and genders. I have done nothing wrong but have knowlege about the government etc... My mothers neighbor was tapping her phone so I reported it to the FBI. Now they are using ordinary citizens to stalk me. Sometimes I notice a lot of police around me also. And out of state cars mostly from Texas. I probably live close to a major drug ring and they are trying to run me away.

I'll also see Texas plates but mostly Georgia

Im so lost and i dont know where to get answers. Recently a family member that came to live with me to better themselves and their family. I am very close to this person. I have learned my wisdom thru life experiences. Im not a know it all but my compassion burst out of me uncontrolably to stand up for the wronged and the under dog. Im surw this is because i used to be both. Enough about me. My family member has become obbsessed with trying to peove and convince me that a whole slue of government agencies and followers of such an operation have targeted him and his family. He has a photo of a man in a truck taking a picture of him. I seen it. Its true!
I know he is not crazy or one to be easily shaken. This goes to impact a much more delicate situation. My niece just started a great school here. She is thriving and doing great! He is afraid that dhs or this group of people will harm her or involve her in thir scheam of things. He want

To bolt and take her somewhere else, i askes him why he thinks relocating would end their quest to stalk him? I fear if they are truly dhs affiliated they will only use his moving against him claiming he demstrated instability for her. I want to stop these people. I dont know what to do. They are making him irrational and something has to be done. They cant walk outside without eyes fron every where. My advice was be strong and ignore it, if u do nothing wrong they cant do anyrhing to harm you. He cant stand it. He gets angry. I hate what its doing to him. How do i help him?

Y ordeal started over a week ago but its civil vehicles 99% of the time and countless of them im followed everywhere i go its blatant and even the neighbourhood kids keep watch if i go out and at 3am or any other time with little ot traffic that's not the case anymore roads of gone down several times without ever seeing another car now multiple will pass me almost always going in the opposite direction same or almost identical cars i had just seen trucks cars suvs all multipl makes models and colors will be where im going before i get there or shortly after i have started taking down plates and capturing as much video and pics as i can hopefully i can start connecting some dots soon i do not understand where the funding is coming from or the numbers alone its unreal the cops harassed me by boxing me in and pushing me around riding my bumper almost 2 or more miles as i was heading out of town they never hit there light and did this while knowing my daughter was in the car the non officers followed us aroma the store so they knew im not crazy no matter how this sounds i know this is real and if anyone else is having similarthings occur please come forward this is beyond my pay grade by far i live in 74066 zip im concerned for my families well being and im unsure what to do im in my late 20s im scared to say anymore I've probably said to much already im no saint but I've done nothing to warrant this kind of treatment let alone to the degree which it is occurring

oh my god I swear I'm having all the same issues kids walking past me on watching me doing hand signals scratching their heads I can has it been over there at 8am rubbing their faith tripping over shoe if I turn on the corner that I'm not use me walking or that out here blowing as well as a train that only contains 1or 2 carts

same here except i live in a rule area of ky you hit the nail on the head i about fell out of my chair when i come upon this ,since im a country boy i give them hell i follow them they come in my yard late at night and i whip out my 12ga pump shotgun and make em dance a jig they do try to get in my house while im in night i had every one leave and 4min later 15 were all around i heard them start to drill under the floor and i had a little talk with them about if they ever come all the way in b an e style i will leave,em where they stand gov offical or not breaking and enterning is illeagal i have had talks with them about how i had family and friends that fought for our country and how would they like it if it happened to one of there family members of course to no avail but since its a small town and they use other peoples land to set up shop every night there will be at least 4 camp fires in every direction on top of that they have 2 drones that look like stars no flashing lights just one big bright one, and two chase planes and 4, B2 stealth bombers that have been converted to un maned flight or big expensive toys i am sure they have said stuff about me people put there head down when it used to be hi how are you lost my job cause they come set at work and i cant even hang out with my best friends and i quit dateing because they pulled that comeing out of the wood work trick and it scared her to death ,by the way i would say this might sound strange but do you hear sirens but there is nothing around and see strange lights , they like to mess your head up i think , i have been fallowed since january of this year i noticed two gray headed guys that stoped in the middle of the road an took a few pics of me and a old high school friend and thats how it begain by the way they keep up with her to .they are not helping stop domestic terror,but they are terrorist the way i see it im releaved to know that im not crazy i hope and pray we can get through this without injury to anyone please feell free to e mail me we are going to have to pull together and let it be known or it will get worse stay strong mentaly .i cant fathem how many are out there ,and heck we might even know'em how do you ever know who they really are!!

Ive had the same experience sirens as soon as u move in my home or walk out the door

Hi, same things has happened to do you stay mentally stable and do you think its a good idea to talk to your family members about it ..or even talk to your mate

I am having a similar experience. A few weeks ago I thought my fiancee was cheating, so I started to look into things, Cell logs, facebook friends, so on so on. Well in the process I think I uncovered a group of fake Facebook Profiles, lots of them. My phone, personal computer and work computer were hacked around this time. Every since then I had a feeling of being followed. Well here it is almost two or three weeks later and I know I am being followed. I can leave my house, work, gas station, friends it doesn't matter. Be it 3am or 3 pm and a swarm of vehicles is there. I go in circles take routes no one would take. The just keep circling me, watching my every move. I pass about ten to 20 out of state plates everyday. I get on the highway and they come out of the wood work. It is frustrating and ridiculous. I have pulled into parking lots stopped got out of my car and stood there and they will not confront me. I go way out of my way like 10 + miles and they are there. Searching for me. I go back home and my apartment complex is now filled with about 10 out of state vehicles. From all over the USA. Seems to be same vehicles, but they switch the drivers everyday. I have played cat and mouse with them several times. Including this morning. But Today I saw what I believe was a US Marshall. I decided to stop playing with them. The vehicles tried to stay out of site for a while. Unmarked. Now I am seeing Unmarked but With LED Strobes in the windows. I don't know who to contact, I have a feeling the Police would think I was crazy, or turn their heads. I am at a loss. All I want is to be able to be with my fiancee and kids, to live a normal life. Is that to much to ask? By the way as far as I can tell my Fiancee was not cheating. At least I can't prove it. And I spent a week 24/7 searching,digging, recovering deleted files. Nothing to say she was, well with definitive proof anyways. But what ever I uncovered while digging sure has pissed someone off....

Ok so this is an update to my previous post. It has been 10 days and the only thing that has changed is it seems to have gotten worse. 5/21 I made a two hour trip to Jefferson City MO for work to drop a grant off. It wasn't bad going there, however coming back was a living nightmare. One vehicle I saw early morning I passed again going into work. Then again twice coming home from Jeff City. You ask how do I know it is the same This is a early 2000 mdl grand am grey in color. It has a big crack in the rear driver side bumper. Not to hard to miss.. So Yea I'm sure its the same. But anyways. I know school is letting out, but to get on the highway and everytime seeing a outof state plate within 5 minutes. EVERY TIME!!! Then see them on side streets main streets. The main ones I see are Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Kansas, So Someone please give me your thoughts PLEASE

the way you stumble across that you are being followed is also the way I have I can uncover themes and screenshot to go back to my phone and my computer its not there anymore

I'm going through the same thing.I'm being followed by the FBI, and And INDIANA police dept,sheriff dept,and they are paying money out to other people to harrass me.Millions of tax payers money out to harrass me.They almost killed my granddaughter,torn up my car,swimming pool.they almost killed me.broke in my hose several times.bugged my house,car,computer,phone,they came to my house pretending to be cable men for insight and comast,phone men for att.Thet have got payless groceries helping them wamartthey have given them union forms to doctors.they are teing these poeple lies about me.there is way more to this story.I HAVE DONE NOTHING.I mean they follow me every where.All the attorneys also have been paid off.SO NO YOU NOT CRAZY.YOU JUST GOT TO FIND SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES YOU and can't be paid off.

from the restaurants to the gas station to the grocery store to any home I gave it to hide in a closet so you know, windows what is it I do

I have the same exact thing going on it is the government they only use the police to make you think it's a police investigation pay attention they probably all have something hanging from the rearview mirror or same stickers on their cars I try approaching them and they drive away fast they refuse to talk with's going on month 5 and i am sure just like you i see them in different citys yes they do live in your building they moved across the street from me I feel like it is some kind of mind control experment because I can point them out and for some reason just know someone is one then I get the look from them that confirms it and they all either text or make a call. Email me if you wanna talk about it dabdoub_ronald they are freaking me out I am wondering if it will ever stop this started happening right after I became a born again christian and gave my body to god as a living sacrafice makes it even stranger for me what do they want

I am a strong person of God the creator.This is real. Keep someone with you have someone inyour family they hate or after.I do.TO THE WORLD.TEACH UR CHILDREN NEVER TO TRUST POLICE AND THE FBI.

the same experience I are happening to me

Much of this stuff is the result of the DHS initiatives and the local fusion centers here is a Link; <br />
It starts with a random complaint to someone who knows someone (its a big secret) They justify it by saying it is anti crime or anti terrorism but is nothing more than harrasment. If you believe your rights have been violated and they probably have you may file a complaint here; <br />
<br />
But do your home work first and connect the dots to see who the perpitrators actually are, you may be suprised. The links I refered to has all of the information, learn it and use it to your advantage. DO NOT LET THIS CONTNUE this is exactly how Hitler and the Stasi came into power. It is very subversive and has huge implications for everyone. Remember Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing. <br />
<br />

I'm experiencing something very similar to this. If you have proof you should contact the States Attorney's Office and if they can't or won't handle it, call your states FBI. I was/am blackballed by the Chicago Police Department. I moved to the suburbs and I am still followed every day. I decided to write down license plates to prove if I saw the same vehicle twice. They started to have cars with Indiana license plates show up EVERYTIME I use the highway and sometimes even on local roads. The local police make it a point to pass me or drive along side of me EVERYTIME I leave my house. I've contacted lawyers that said wanted a $10,000 retainer and I needed to have witness and video proof in order to win a case. Otherwise they will just deny everything and call you paranoid. I called the States Attorney office who said that what I was experiencing violated my civil rights and they sent me a packet of information to fill out like Police Departments Involved, pictures, time, data, etc. They even told me that if they did not take the case to call the FBI. They also mentioned I would be surprised how often this happens. To this day I am routinely followed everywhere I go. They even tried to destroy my sleep pattern by driving past my apartment building blaring their sirens at 2,3,4,5,and 6 in the morning. I called my city alderman, made a report with the office of misconduct, and called 311 to complain. That's when they got crazy and I have since moved twice to no avail. I would suggest ignoring it if you are not going to pursue it in court. They can't hurt you, only psychologically. I offer this piece of advice from Epictetus ” People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them. ” and ” There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will. ” Find a passion and a goal and focus 100% on changing your life. Your existence will become wherever you put your attention.

one way to intimidate these people is to chat with them. If you happen to pass them on the road just ask what is the time or when is the next bus etc. Ask boldly and with authority. Do talk them down, specially the police.