How high of price are you welling to price for Honesty? Well. If you think you are hurting someone that you like by telling them the truth. Is it worth it? Or just don't say anything?

Well. I think we should pay the price sometimes but not all the them. The true should be told no matter how bad the price maybe.


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thanks... Good point too.

First i really thankful to u that u add ur story.<br />
second ... Being honest 100% is tough job, i don;t think that any human can do that , but i try to be honest most of the time and i did lie in my past and i lied because i have reason to lie, thats what i told myself "bulshit" lie is lie...no matter what u tell urself.<br />
<br />
Honesty can teach you and soo you the real faces. pls its a "opportunity cost" you have to loose something to gain some.