Girlfriend Gets Paddled

I had a girlfriend who began her seventh grade year with a tough experience. The teacher was well known as a hard and willing paddler. Most all of his students got it from him at some time during the year. On the very first day of school she got warned about talking during class to another girl. I guess she just had too much to talk about to concentrate and he got fed up with it. He called both of them out into the hallway for a talk. Since it was the first day of school he offered them a choice of punishments, write 1000 sentences or 3 licks with the paddle. Both of them knew his reputation of being the hardest paddler at school and chose the sentences. They were supposed to turn them in on Monday but both of them neglected to get them done. On Monday when he called role he asked for the sentences. Both of them were told to go into the hall and wait. There was really no wait as he followed them out with the paddle in his hand. This got their attention. Both had been paddled before, but this was a really big paddle and a big man swinging it. They had only been paddled a couple of times, and this was by little old women with smaller paddles. He had them wait as he stuck his head in the office and asked the vice principal to come out and witness for him. He told my girlfriends friend to turn around and bend over. She put her hands on her knees as before. He told her to bend over all the way and grab her ankles. They both knew this was going to be a lot worse than they have had before. He swung way back and hit her hard with the paddle. The sound could be heard all over the hall. After her 3 licks she stood up and rubbed her butt with wet eyes but not crying. My girlfriend was scared but walked up and took her position with out being told. She grabbed her ankles and waited. He took his time and drug it out as much as possible. The first lick landed and it was hard. He waited about 10 seconds and popped her again. Just as the fire was leveling off a bit he hit her again. Then he told her to stand up. She too was wet eyed but not crying. He took them straight back into class where they were quite the rest of the day. All of the class wanted details. They were like heroes for a few days until others started getting it from him too. The showers were the next show for a couple of days as he definitely left bruises on them that their friends got to see. She wound up getting paddled 5 times by him the next 2 years.
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I saw many girls getting paddled in jr high in the hall in Ohio

How often did you get them and did you get spanked at home from your mom too at those ages in Jr High

Didn't get them too often, maybe only 8-10 times. My parents never found out that I got paddled. If they had I would have probably got it again

How old was you the last time you got a bare bottom from your mom? What was it for and what were you spanked with at home?

The last spanking I remember at home was from my dad. I was with some boys drinking beer when I was about 15. It was not bare bottom but he used his belt

A belt over thin jeans still brings howls and cries and tears. Did Mom ever paddle you or belt you bare with underwear while you were in Jr High? Did you cry from the spanking at 15 from Dad and what happened to your frerinds?

My mom and dad both paddled me and used the belt on me even now at age 14 but it has been almost 2 months since my last one. The problem is they donbt spank clothes so it is on bare skin

Mom never got a chance. Dad was always the disciplinarian. I don't really remember much about that night. That was about 45 years ago. I have no idea what happened with my friends. Their parents probably never knew

I had several swats in the 8th grade. Nope, never at home though.

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when i was in seventh grade i had no problem attacking anyone that put there hands on me with very violent attacks like the kind of attacks you dont get back up from size made no difference either...

I would love to hear about the other paddlings she got from the same teacher if you care to tell them. She didn't seem to learn the first time.

She got paddled in a group of girls who were fooling around in the bathroom one day, He sent a girl in to get the group and paddled them all when they came out. He got her another time with a group that was playing roller derby in the hall. She was with 3 other girls in the cafeteria that he called out to paddle one day. She had another incident with the same girl she got the paddling I wrote about that I will post soon if you are interested.

I find it all very interesting. Was she targeted for paddling by this teacher or just unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time. Do you know how many pops she got for each following paddling. Did she dread this teacher? Did she deserve the paddlings she got? Thanks

I doubt that she was a target for this teacher. He was a bit of a bully who liked to show his authority. He paddled about everyone in his class for several years. She most likely deserved some punishment but he paddled over anything. He usually gave about 3 licks each time.