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along with a few other subjects on ep, i have a real problem with those that have a rape fantasy. as a person that has had sex forced on me at different times in my life, i can tell you that there's nothing sexy or sensual about it and i'm sure other rape survivors would agree with me. so i really don't appreciate hearing jacked up, twisted hoes talking about their longing to be raped. i'd bet good money that if you experienced the real thing, you would be singing a different tune entirely. then again, some people are so ****** up that it might not matter to them. sad.
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I find homosexuality disgusting. Many people find oral sex and anal sex disgusting. Some people find all sex disgusting. People find any sex that does not appeal to them personally disgusting. Children find a male and female kissing disgusting.
Ninety percent of female survivors of sexual abuse, rape and ****** have a rape fetish and have rape fantasies. Reliving their past is the only way for survivors of rape to heal.
To understand why rape survivors need to relive their past to heal you need to study psychology. Specifically, you need to the research of Ivan Pavlov, BF Skinner, Allan R. Wagner, Robert A. Rescorla and Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt.
You have to study classical conditioning, operant conditioning and the following concepts: desensitization, exposure therapy, flooding therapy, habituation, aversion therapy, psychodrama, catharsis, "extinction" of triggers & flashbacks, primal scream therapy and more.
We all become imprinted by our first sexual experience. Most females who are raped can only experience sexual pleasure and ****** if they relive their rape with a partner they love and makes them feel safe.
Romantic love is new. Females have been programmed by evolution to physically enjoy rape, even if it emotionally traumatizes them and causes them great emotional pain.
Female experience the strongest ******* when they are being raped. Some females think they are crazy because their rape did not cause them any emotional harm. In fact, their rape was so pleasurable, they deliberately try to get raped again by strangers. They deliberately place themselves in situations where they know there is a high likelihood the will get raped.
There are many reasons rape can provide the most intense sexual experience. When someone is being raped, their body is flooded with adrenalin. Fear produces adrenalin. Pain floods the brain with endorphins and dopamine. That is the reason people eat hot spicy foods that burn the mouth, then go on to eat hotter spicier foods until they kill all their taste buds.
Addiction to pain and the resultant endorphins is why people get addicted to running and lifting weights. And it is one reason why survivors of abuse get addicted self-mutilation, to cutting their arms, legs and body with a razor blade. Cutting their body because a substitute for sex. Cutting floods their brain with endorphins and dopamine. And it relieves their stress.
All addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin stimulate the part of the brain that was designed to generate sexual pleasure. Sex is a drug. Cocaine and heroine flood the brain with the chemicals sex does. Cocaine and heroine are substitutes for sex, chocolate, sweets and cheese.
Females who are survivors of sexual abuse, rape and ****** often suffer depression and anxiety their entire lives. They are often suicidal. But they have better sex live than females who were never abused and never raped.
Survivors have the most pleasurable sex lives of all females. Their abuse breaks down their sexual inhibitions. This creates in them an overwhelming craving for sex. Survivors of abuse often have a hunger for sex that rivals or exceeds the male sex drive.
Female survivors of sexual abuse fall in love with dominant males who have a high sex drive.
For most females survivors of sexual abuse, getting "raped" is not a desire, but a need and an overwhelming compulsion.
The ultimate sexual pleasure people experience is giving sexual pleasure. Rape victims often experience more sexual pleasure than the person raping them. Giving oral sex is an empathic, vicarious sexual pleasure. No one would perform oral sex on a sex doll. It would be pointless.
I am a loving dominant sadistic male into BDSM. I am also a submissive masochist. I don't get pleasure from pain. Pain does not turn me on. I get pleasure don't get pleasure from being used and abused. I hate it.
However, I do get vicarious, empathic pleasure from females using and abusing me. It is not the use and abuse I seek. It is the ability to give females satisfaction, it is the ability to help females heal, it is the ability feel females experience catharsis. Catharsis is emotionally painful. It is an emotional ******. It causes tears, but it also heals and generates relief from deep emotional pain.
Finally, survivors can't enjoy normal, vanilla sex, because sex triggers flashbacks and extremely painful memories. But when a female is painfully raped, the pain and fear overrides blocks out emotional pain.
That is why people who experience emotional pain often hurt themselves physically. Physical pain blocks out emotional pain. And fear focuses the mind on the present, not the past. Fear floods the body with adrenalin and adrenalin increases blood flow and circulation, and it triggers a massive flood of endorphins in the brain.
This is why people become adrenalin junkies and engage in dangerous sports and behaviors that can result in their death. The high people get from adrenalin and sex combined is the highest form of ecstasy.
Many females learned how to disassociate during their childhood. They learned how not to feel physical pain by leaving their bodies. When submissive, masochistic females are whipped, they dissociate and go into "subspace" where they feel no pain. When they are in subspace they cannot talk or use their safe word. You could cut-off their hand and they would not feel it.
What female masochists do feel when they go into subspace is the flood of endorphins and dopamine in their brain. When females go into subspace, they experience heaven. That is why they become addicted to subspace. They may even put up with highly abusive relationships, if their partner is able to help them reach subspace.
Submissive masochistic females will fall in love with any person who can take them to subspace.
Most therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists do not understand the BDSM dynamic. You can't understand the ecstasy submissive, masochistic females feel when they enter subspace unless you have experienced yourself.

in case that pesky ep **** looks again, the above comment is the original one i wrote, no editing or deletions, sorry to disappoint you lol. you seriously need to get a ******* life and get off my jock, you hating *****. report this comment to ep if you like because i couldn't give a rats ***. and have a happy new year, trick :)

lol *applauds*

it must be one of the ep rapists thats going around voting down all comments on this subject. vote down this one, you sick ****! i'd give u a real good raping with the barrel of a .45 if i could, bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?

I would like to know who this person is so we (those who like you) can follow her around and harass her like she seems to be harassing you.

i wouldn't be surprised if it's that newchrissy person that was doing the voting down since she had an issue with a comment jerrica made on this story. it's her story and she can say what she wants and apparently ep had no isssue with the particular comment because they never deleted it. people like NC need to mind their own business.

unfortunately people like chrissy know nothing about minding their own business. that's the problem, she has no business to mind. if she did ep wouldn't be her second home; log on at any time of day or night and here she is, whining and moaning about being blocked and wondering why she's not liked, the perpetual victim. she needs to give it a rest.

i agree. scary to think how some people get so involved in things on the internet. is it really that important?

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it was never a fantasy of mine, destiney, i can tell you that. *hugs* to you too for having went through such a terrible experience. i've had so little of the lovey dovey stuff in my dealings with men, sexual and otherwise, that it would be a turn on for me. i've had the raw sex for fun with no feelings, no strings. i'd like to experience that which i haven't had.

thank you for reading, 1fouru :)

aww, you're too kind, fukkboi :)

thank you sara :) the one story in that group that stuck out to me was from a pretty loose woman(in my opinion) who seemed to desire to do anything and everything sexual under the sun. i just wouldn't have thought that anyone would want to be purposely raped.

I bet that woman was really a man.

you're proably right, ladyblue lol

although i don't feel that way, i've heard that it's not uncommon for some rape victims to find this kind of experience arousing. the stories i read in that group were women wanting to be raped but hadn't actually been raped. in a way i can understand a woman whose been through it having these feelings more than i understand this desire from a woman who hasn't experienced it. and no need for an apology, you're not intruding :)

Jeriica, I am so sorry that you went through this. I truly am. And fukkboi, I am horrified that you had your experience too! Just horrified. I am so so very sorry that you --or anyone -- would be so tortured.

you know, i didn't think about whether it's men writing some of those stories. thats crazy to me too, men pretending to be women lol. what's the purpose of it, i wonder? yes, being attacked in the manner you described is terrible, i can't even imagine. the men that forced themselves on me were known to me: my uncle when i was a child and a guy i worked with, date rape.

Role playing in your own room with a loved one is just that -- playing. A dark street at night, a strange car.... an attacker pushing you into your door while holding a knife -- TOTALLY DIFFERENT!<br />
<br />
And anyway, are you so sure all those who say they are fantasizing about rape are really "women"? I think this could be one of those give aways for men hiding behind a female avatar!!!

I know, I feel so guilty for having that fantasy but it feels totally different than rape. Rape just destroys you. But for me I wud only do it with someone I trusted so completely I knew it wasn't actual rape.

you are so right, sara. some of the stories i read in that group, the women made it seem like they wanted to be raped for real. when you are forced to have sex and it isn't a game it isn't very funny or sexy. i role played myself but being roughed up and things like that were never my cup of tea.

There is a HUGE difference between play acting with someone you love, and actually being attacked by a deranged, homocidal rapist!!! Any rape is a violent assault upon a woman, with the threat of death, disfiguirement, and pain behind it. There is also the possibility of AIDS, herpes, other STDs and pregnancy. It is a disgusting, vile act.

(((hugs))) to both iza and marji and thank you for your comments. marji i believe that that particular group has been removed but i think there are still similiar ones, unfortunately. you have to try real hard to be good with some of the groups on here.

i don' think they have very much going on inside their heads, thats the problem. they've lost all their marbles lol. i don't wish real rape on any woman but you get a taste of the real thing and those fantasies would be banished. i guess i've never been the type to fantasize about being roughed up, stuff like that.

it's one thing to have fantasies, but fantasies like this nake me wonder about a persons mental state, whats really going on inside their head. i think it's messed up too big time.