The Trauma It Cause.

Its good that ive found such forum like this to tell some stories that are not allowed to publicly announced. I wont tackle my own experience though i came here to ask about a boy who is sexualy abused by his family member.
He was exploited at an early age(3).The poor boy manage to hide all his the hard days of his life not until there maid saw and spit the truth.He was use as a toy let him do such filty action to satisfy the lust that his cousin had. Looking at him he seems so fine he never show any unwanted behavior during that time but todag when he gets comfronted by the family and the cousin was there as well the poor boy breaks out.He was crying and crying and confess that he was drag by his cousin and use him. i cant imagine how hard it is and it makes me wanna just get into this guy and kill him.
I wanna help the lil boy to geg through this but i dunno how to start now thag he finally breaks out it will be more hard days for him and most especially to his mom who is dearly lived his child. Can u guys help me what to do how to deal with him just to make him feel better. what are the words to say to make him feel fine.thank yoh and il appreciate everything
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Jan 14, 2013