Nightout With My Friends

I was sitting with my friends an was chatting.Then one of my friend kelly ,who knows that i am a crosdresser, asked me to come for to spend a night with her friends at her home.It was going to be my first experience so i agreed.I was so excited for it.I took 3 hrs to get ready for it and took some some of nightwear also with me.Then kelly came to pic me up & we went to her home.There were 5 other girls present over there.When i entered her house no one noticed that i was a boy until kelly told them my secret.The girls started laughing and then told that i completely looked like a girl .I felt so good at that moment .Then we played games.Kelly had a plan,she had decided that she& her friends would dress me up in different dresses.Oh my god,I felt so glad at that moment.Then they made me sit on kelly's bed an did my make up,gave me different hairstyles with each dress.I felt so feminine.
Then it was the most amazing moment,kelly decided to dress me in her mom's old bridal dress.i have long hair so they gave me bridal hairstyle.I couldnt believe how gorgeous i looked as bride.It was the best night of my life.
I still go out with kelly's friends drssed as a girl and i happy that no one notices that i am a cd.
katiegorgeouss katiegorgeouss
18-21, M
8 Responses Sep 6, 2012

OMG!! I'm so jealous of you honey, I would so love to have done something like that , you must of felt like you died and went to heaven

It sound like you have wonderful friends around you!
Just to be with girls and to pass as one of them must be a wonderful feeling!
I am happy you have such good friends!

Sounds like my dream night out Katie

what a sweet story!

i wished for that exsperiance in high school to truly feel like one of the girls. let them know how much that ment to you that freindship is so special.

Lovely story wish I was like you with all those wonderful understanding girls. It is fab to be girl and I am very happy for you that no one notice you as cd. you are sweet girl for your age. Love and kisses

So sweet!!! Wish I was passable as a girl!!!

sounds wonderful, being treated like a girl is so nice. I tried to add you as a friend but your settings didn't allow it can we be friends?