I Want To Be Used.....

Being used sexually is a celebration of the forbidden! And I enjoy imagining being used, and the reality of being punished, beaten, slapped...all in the name of sexual fun...is a total turn on!... it s confusing perhaps but the approval and attention by an abuser-type is Hot! I've always enjoyed others wanting to see me naked, and even engage me naked..... The teachers or adults who have ******** and spanked me, who caused me pain in fact, actually complimented me by their interest and desire for my body....and I have come to separate the erotic stimulation from any possible abuse....it was all in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction and fun so I never came away with a low self image. I love and protect myself, but seek sexually erotic situations where I can be "abused" and used for sex.....why? cause its fun ! and forbidden, and hot. I have lived the fantasy a few times, and it was extremely erotic for me. I was spanked in a public sex club, ******** nude and whipped by a bunch of guys, god it was a dream come true!  .....Do you want to exchange fantasies, or realities, hehhehe....?
lovewhenithurts lovewhenithurts
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

i love to b ****** dat way