After Nine Years She Confesses I Had A Crush On U!!!

At Present: The girl confesses to a boy that she had a crush on him since they studied together at the of 16yrs and hearing this the boy was shocked!!!

Nine Years Ago: There was a boy who used to be good at studies securing good marks, but was an introvert, had few friends, he used to have a huge crush on a girl but was very shy and could never confess to her!!!

Beside that there was another girl who was very smarty but used to remain very calm and always keep an on that shy boy and whenever she had any difficulties she always approached that boy but he being shy do helped her but never used to look at her amusingly but she was completely bound to him!!!

At Present: When the girl met him on social networking, the boy asked her if she had crush on any boy, she took the courage and said ya it was u, the boy expressed shock but was happy too...

The End: The Girl which boy used to liked got married three years ago with another boy and had delivered a baby girl just a day before the another confessed her crush on that boy!!!

Parents of respective boy and a girl being conservative had already married that boy with another girl and that girl with another boy.....and there remains a silence!!!
letsbringthechangewithin letsbringthechangewithin
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013