I Fell In Love With Someone I Haven't Met In Person, Just Online

I met someone online through a dateting web. We really connected, and than he had to travel out of the country, He said that he is a labor contractor, so he went to So. Africa to build some houses. Everything was going great until he claimed that there was a terrible accident inwich two of his workers died, They now suspended his license to work until he payed the deseased famylies, He was supposed to be back to California in a Two month period sense July 1, 2012, But this accident haven't permit for him to even start working, Now he is asking for me to send him $4000.00 so he could get his work permitt. But when I met him he said he was in a good condition finacially, and that this, job was going to pay him 4.9 million dollards, Honestly, it really hurts, becase I haven't date in 7 years since I got devorse, I feel so stupid, Because I have been open like an ocean, and he has said so many nice things to me, besides he is 50 years old, and I am 41. I feel sad, but mostly, because I thought that I had already met the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and that special someone I was going to wake up to, each and every happy or sad day. What shoul I do? Is he lying?
kassabee kassabee
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

I still remember this story like if it was yesterday, and I still think of this Man with such sadness, because it doesn't dawn on me that someone can play with another person like this, imagine how life would be if People like this man didn't exist.