Hi there for all whos reading this i dont no where to start reli may not belive my story but its true..... Well it all started approximitly 3 months ago, may sound strange but i started getting reli strange dreams. The scary thing about this whole thing was in fact some of it happened. a dont no find it hard to talk about lol. the reson ive subscribed to this site is because maybes am not alone on this lol. but erm some one close to me passed away and less than a week before this happened a dreamnt this but thought nothing of it. A just passed it off as a weiard dream as u do but well it happened and maybes it could of just been from random who nos cause i dont. The thing is in my dream there was a list of names and i was also on this list but a some one was marked off which was the person a new who passed away shortly after that who was close to me. it was just reli reli strange a cant explain it but well not long after that i nearly died myself off the same thing that killed a very close friend of mine the person i dreamed of who died . and a dont no some times it feels like i have dasaview or whatever its called i dont no. that happens a lot but a dont no im messed up with what happened more of the fact of the dream a had not long before all of thios happened yet it did. A dont no dont even no why im posting this just needed to tell some one people would probs think its crazy. but it happened im a true believer of god but im not a churchgoer i am a catholic but havint been to church for years and im a sceptic about these things always have been but a cant just srug this off as it didint happen when it did so far its came true and its reli upsetting to think that it has. well it was linked i caught the same strange thing that he did and we had the exsact same thing yet i made it he did not and ive always felt guilty about that feels like a part of me died with him ( he was my cousen a loved him). a dont no im just basicly wanting to seek out some answer to what this could be thats happened maybe it  was just a dream but it seemed so real and yet everything that i dreamed about that night has happened. and i could be in a place ive neather been before in mylife yet it seems ive been there before and yet i no where things are and its like ive neather been here in my life. its just reli comp and pretty scary a dont no but this is happening to me and hopefully some one can possible help me out on this maybes tell me what this could be. Firstly im not insane im a university student sorry for my spelling just reli tired ave stoped sleeping at night. m just dont no what this is tbnats happened and what is stil happening to me so who nos.


Anyways this is my story all of which is true dont have to believe me or anything all a no is that this happened. im just looking for answers to this a dont belive to have any higher power powers or anything a dont belive in it all i belive in is what i see.  yet this has happened and its just went boom basicly anyways if anyones got any answers to this then plz leave a comment or somthing.

thank you for reading this and stuff ( just need to get it off my chest pretty much )

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I am at least glad you've gotten it off your chest. I've had feelings like I could predict things too, even to the point of knowing my neighbor was going to die a week before he did. (but he was an alcoholic, so not a great leap when his liver started failing) <br />
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Not to be rude or snobby, but please, Please, be a credit to the university you are attending and please take more care when writing. Text slang is fine in a text "whn u dnt hav space 4 lotta lttrs" but you've got plenty of space here. It is, honestly, painful to read. <br />
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I wish I could have understood more of what you had to say. Take some time and see if it was merely a coincidence that you are feeding your emotions into. These things happen. I'm sorry for the passing of this person, but your life will continue and you have a chance to do great things. Just take it easy and take it one step at a time.