A Flight Meant to Crash

Yes, literally, the subject line was almost true.

I bought a round-trip-ticket to NY about 2 months in advance.

After the purchase, I kept having nightmares about my upcoming flight. The dreams equated that my flight would crash if I got on it. I never felt this way before about any flights I got on - which is why it bothered me.

So I prayed to God about it - 1 week before the flight. I told God 'If it is your will that I do not get on that plane, give me a sign - I want the sign to be a red colored moon in the sky on the night before the flight'.

Two nights before the flight, I go out for a walk and look up in the sky. Guess what I saw? Yes, it was a deep dark red colored moon in the sky. I was so freaked out by this sight that I looked many more times just to make sure I was not seeing things.

I prayed to God that night and said 'God, my prayer was for you to show me the sign on the night before the flight and not 2 nights before. Is this some kind of sign that you are giving me? I will wait and see what tomorrows sky shows.'

The next night I anxiously went out  to seek out a red moon. The sky was clear - no clouds, no moon. However, the sky was filled with a red glow.

I asked my Mom how she would interprete all these signs. She told me that would be God revealing himself to me.

I don't believe that this is a coincidence. For those of us that are not religious, you have to have multiple life experiences to believe in someone that you've never seen or talked to before.

I flew that following morning safely.

What does everyone think?


LonelyblackdudeDallasTX LonelyblackdudeDallasTX
Jun 20, 2008