Read The Book The Secret...

Rhonda Byrne tells's such a good book!

It shows historically who believed that the law of attraction was powerful and they were great figures in history that affect us still today..

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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Thanks. I will have to check it out one of these days. (You should see my stack of unread books... plus the unread ones on my Kindle... and we've got almost sixty titles on our Netflix queue...)

I think I download more books then read them...I have so many on my aldiko and kindle for iPad...I'm going to start reading them

I love history. I'm obsessed with every bit of it.

I've heard vaguely about this... sort of mentally categorized it as being on the same shelf as the Chicken Soup books and the Rich Dad Poor Dad books and all of those Tony Robbins books/lectures. <br />
<br />
When I am reading non-fiction, I am usually reading something technical or a book about science or history, etc. Don't read chicken soup books, but you make it sound more interesting than that kind of thing. Have I unfairly assigned it to the wrong category?

It's about the law of attraction. Funny the author who wrote all the chicken soup books is in it and tells how he used the law of attraction to get started. Oprah, Deepok Chopra, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and many more people believe the law of attraction works.

Essentially what it is...good things come tot hose who expects good things, u can get anything in life you want as long as u believe u can.