im new to magick still ive done research alot but reading online only takes you so far tho i cant pratice big rituales that need alot of stuff do to my fam oposing magick and any thing that argues with there beleifes i need a teacher im not wican tho i dont say its not true i am asatru i worship the old gods but rarely bring religion in to my magick works yes ive studied every thing from rune magick to dark no im not afraid of dark magick as i say to controll some thing you must understand ever bit of it that includes its dark side would i use dark magick? yes would i use light magick? yes would i use necromancy yes but i need teachers willing to teach me the school of magick they have mastered i dont care about your age age has nothing to do with magick for all i know your soul is a master age of the body we live in dosnt matter to me contact me if your interested in teaching me
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I am new to this magick as well, i have done two spells so far, and we'll see if this works or not. Im not a wiccan either, but am looking for someone as well to teach for free and help me become a wiccan.

Oh yh I am not going to lecture you on how it's bad but try to stay away from evil magick and necromancy because no matter how much research you do it won't preper you for the real thing. Here are other types of magick you may want to try ,natural magick,high magick,low magick,folk magick,and stuff like that is great

I have been doing magick a while and I would love to give u some pointers .but careful what Internet sites you go on because most are fake I have been thought by some of my family who was part of a cult