The Power of Music

Music reaches deep. It's as old as humankind, and one of the most basic elements of human society and civilization.

It can move us emotionally, influence our feelings, and thus can make the difference between a bad and a good day, ease a heartache, or even a headache...

It brings people together, in a positive atmosphere of shared emotions, and crosses boudries and differences of laguage and culture.

It can bring you to dance, and dance was proved to be good both for your phisical health and to your mental health, as it releases andorphines similarly to laughter. 

It can inspire you in many aspects.

You just need to open your heart. Music can make a difference.

 Make music, not war!

LilyFair LilyFair
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2007

I entirely agree. I have yet to discover anything man-made stronger than music. There is, I believe, a certain responsibility to those who make music, that they not use the power selfishly, or to make things worse. Not that I believe that every song should be happy, that would be a lie, but that songs about hate should never be written. Maybe I'm strange in that belief, I dunno.