Planet Luxurious Freedom, A World Where Society's Judgement Is Invalid

Hi I'm Indie-

Creator of Planet Luxurious Freedom

I manage webcam sites, **** stars & other adult/sex related businesses.

Planet Luxurious Freedom can be found on facebook and fetlife- for women who are involved with or work in the sex/adult industry- strippers, adult models, escorts, webcam models, phone sex operators etc. Interact, share advice & support each other.

Many women involved with this style of work live a very secretive and lonely life to protect themselves against society's harsh judgement.

Because of society's views on this style of work- many newcomers to the industry find it hard to access information discretely and are unsure who to turn to for advice. Which can often put girls new to adult/sex work at risk.

Lets put an end to it- Like our facebook page, share your view/advice, & show your support for Planet Luxurious Freedom.

PlanetLuxuriousFreedom PlanetLuxuriousFreedom
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012