My Ode To December 21st 2012

My ode about December 2012

Time is moving so fast
And the multiverse is so vast
Zero point is almost upon us
The 21th of December to be precise
The Mayan calendar is fantastic
When drawn up no paper or plastic
They knew all about the stars
Cos their cosmic relatives came from afar
The Pleiades to be very precise
The seven sisters in the night sky

This is why their long count ceased
With a maximum of positive energy
The multiverse will be aligned
Then get blasted with energy from the sky
At it’s maximum on the 21st December
The age of Aquarius in to usher
We are all part of the creator anyway
been buzzing us for ages; brighten our days

Your third eye should be lighting
Like a Christmas tree, bright and shining
Shame the people who run our world
Done everything to stop it being heard
They really don’t want you waking up
When most do, they are royally stuffed
This is why they use fluoride
To make you a sheep and control your

Some tips for you to maximize
This amazing energy in your life
Plenty of crystals, orgonites too
They will surely help you
Try to get out in the country
On the 21st and over xmas you see
Then you get blasted with positivity
Will enable you to think freely
And break free of all this control
Belief system we live in don’t you know

happy holidays 2012 and beyond

peace x

Also please give up tap water too
It really is no good for you
Hitler and Stalin a few years before
Used it to dumb prisoners; knew the score
Lots of other bad things we consume
No other word for it but abuse
Don’t trust the FDA either
Only in it to make families and wallets lighter
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

why thank you, are you on twitter DaztheDruid

Brilliant piece, sir. I also believe 2012 will be the age of enlightenment.