Superficial People

I seriously can't hang out with superficial people, they annoy me. While ur trying to have a fun conversation with u them, they are freaking posing and looking at how other people are looking at them. Plus they have the nerve of denying "childish" things they do with u infront of others. Look here's an example:

(Me): "Hey so, did u see Kat Williams's stand up comedy in Chicago? Man that dude was walling! He was hilarious wasn't he?"

(Superficial Person): "Yeah sure, it was alright." *Looking around at other people holding their chin as if posing for other people*

(Me): Ummm ok.... well did u enjoy when we were playing Call of Duty online with other players? We were hitting them back to back man! Hahaha"

(Superficial Person): "I don't know what ur talking about, video games are for ignorant nerds that got nothing to do, hahaha"

(Me): "O_O , what are u talking about, we played just yesterday."

(Superficial Person): "I don't do stuff that nerds do, stop being so childish" *Looking at girls smiling and posing again*

(Me): "Oooohhhh-k, whatever u say... Hey did u like that new japanese song? It was so awesome"

(Superficial Person): "What are u talking about, listening to that is only for weird people. Who listens to that stuff?" *Looking around not meeting ur gaze posing again*

(Me): "U alright man? Why are u denying this stuff?"

(Superficial Person): " I'm being real, ur just weird. Grow up!!!"

(Me): O_O *mouth drops wide open*

u_u Yup it's sad but I see this types of people all the time, they bore me silly. Humor and being urself kind of people are my type of people. But superficial people just need to get a freaking clue O_o
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I simply can't stand a stuck up person. They grate on my nerves and have zero personality. If you can't laugh and have a good time or handle a joke, keep walking.

Yup, it's truly sad to see them act like that :/

Yeah.. I knew someone like that. When we were in elementary school I had a couple buddies that liked to make silly stupid jokes all the time... When we went to high school they changed completely and hated me because I did "silly stuff" and they were "normal."

Yupz, they are like that u_u