Just A Short, Meaningless Confession... Adorableness!

Well, today.... I had a ridiculous amount of crap to do because the winter semester was at it's end. I have a Western Civ. paper due tomorrow (just finished it b4 I came here), I had to develop film for my photography class, I was going to sign out a professional camera and shoot footage around campus for my last big project in my video class.. but of course the teacher decided not to show up today...

*goes on b*tching for a while*

And finally when I got back from walking around on the campus' nature trail thing taking pictures and then taking my camera back, I found myself sitting in the humanities office (where I usually hang out with all the professors and the secretary, Ginny). I was pretty much dead from the waste down. I was sore. I am NOT in shape! It was pretty quiet at this time of day... Most of the professors had classes and Ginny was at lunch. I just kind of sat there awkwardly for about 10 minutes before my western civ. professor, John, walked by and saw me. We talked a few seconds as I relieved my endeavors in the great outdoors for the past 2 hours that I was gone. I remembered a conversation I had with one of my friends from my photography class.... We were talking about John, and how adorable he was. He's cute in his own nerdy way, he was way too enthusiastic about history... But I figured.. Eh, What the Hell... So I followed him down the little hall (it was an office in an office if you can comprehend it) and I told him about our conversation.
The reaction I got out of him was funny, he started acting all weird and his face was a tinge red. Then it got really weird when I told him that my friend wanted to lock him in her closet or basement and let him live there.. I thought it was hilarious! He seemed to have gotten really flustered by then. But after a few moments of getting back his composure, he just kind of laughed it off and said, "I am pretty adorable, huh?" It was great. I left it at that and went back to my seat outside where we were first talking. He walked by again because he had to ask a question about a new student registering, and he saw me and was just smiling ear to ear. He didn't act it, but I think I just made his day. Ha ha. Gotta love people with a good sense of humor.. But he really is just so damn cute! I just want to tousle his hair and snuggle him like a kitten!
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*waist.. the waist down... I had a long day....

And *re-lived.. not relieved... damn... T_T I hate misspelling stuff!!