Benny had told all his friends about the delicious steak he'd eaten in the Delancey Street restaurant the day before. So they decided to go down there and see if it was really as large and delicious as he said. But, much to their disappointment, the waiter brought them the tiniest steak they'd ever seen. "See here, my good man," Benny barked. "I was in this restaurant yesterday, and you served me a big, juicy steak, and now today, when I've organized a party and highly recommended this place, you serve such a small one." "Yes, sir," replied the waiter. "But yesterday you were sitting by the window."

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Good one!

Lol, at first I didn't get it, but after a few seconds I started giggling. ..:-P

A good sense of humor is very good. But your sense of humor should never be at the expense of other people sense of self worth.

Succulent, tender and bloody, as advertised

I do not understand this

The guy was used to advertise the restaurant because he was served a large steak where people could easily see him?