Last Night

I work as a nurse and last night a patient died.

Her daughter got to the hospital in time to sit with her mother for twenty minutes or so but her son was just seconds too late.

The son was distraught and his sister told him that he was in time and that their mother was still alive as he held her and she died soon after.

Thinking about this now I think this was a beautiful lie

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And you are beautiful nurse for knowing and sharing this story. Most are clueless but you'r experience in life shows.

I beleave that was the best thang for the sister to do

I have great admiration for nurses (dated two and heard all types of stories). I know it can be very sad at times. I do not advocate lying, but in this case, it seemed the humane thing to do. After all, how would the son have felt if the sister said "Oh, you're just too late"?

with out a doubt!

Surely this shows the sisters love for both her mother and her brother. An entirely selfless lie.

Yes, I think so. I was sad because of the ladys death but it was not unexpected. The daughter had been that day and knew that very well. She really felt for her brother who (finds all things with hospitals hard) had rushed over but was just seconds too late. he held his mum close and told her he loved her.
I truly believe it was a beautiful lie.

I would have done the same prolly.

Just beautiful !thank you for sharing!

I took a class in college called Situational Ethics. The basic tenet behind situational ethics is that every decisions should be based upon love, and as long as love is your intention, the end justifies the means. The event you described in your story seems to me to be a perfect example.


I LOOOOOVE women and you say

The end justifies the means!!!!!!

This revelation gives me all kinds of new licence.

This smile is is because I am only beginning to to sense the.................

Oh lordy...

This smile is because I am only beginning to to sense the.................possibilities

Hmmm .. :(

Hello miss Tas.


Love and healing

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I agree, tas.