"No Thank You, Momma"

My Grandson Jace is the most courteous two year old I have ever seen. My daughter has never answered him "yes" or "no" she answers "Yes, please, Jace" and "No, thank you, Jace." Jace in turn always answers my questions "Yes, please Granny" or "No thank you, Granny" and it melts my heart! Jace is not potty trained yet, but, he does say "Thank you Momma" every time my daughter changes him. Last week my daughter and I had him out with us on errands, he was tired, and sleepy, he began throwing a temper fit. It was the most unusual temper fit in that, when my daughter told him that he needed a nap, he fell over wailing...."NO THANK YOU MOMMA!!!" Of course, he is my only grandchild, so even his temper fits are music to my ears!
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You too? I smile~

If we model consistently and well, our children have a hope of picking up good habits with little effort. I hope your grandson is able to resist peer pressure to act out.<br />
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I'm glad you are able to see his overtired behaviour as a natural consequence of going beyond his resources to handle. I'm like this too, when having too many late nights on EP!

I hope so Kay, his little spirit is so kind....I know when kids begin to make fun of him in school for this way of speaking, it is likely to stop....but for now, it is most lovely.