Kindness Goes A Long Way..but Sometimes Hits A Brick Wwall.

I do believe a little kindness goes a long way. But It becomes a problem being kind in the face of adversity. It becomes problem when it is a choice between being true to your character, and your personality. When you are faced with having to defend yourself, and the choice before you,may mean that defending your position is having to stoop to their level in order to accomplish that..

And so as this trial before me unfolds.i simply ask for the grace to choose wisely, and be able to look back on my choice and say, I did the right thing, and I was able to make my choice with dignity.
neuilly neuilly
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4 Responses Oct 13, 2011

Yes, I agree, especially when dealing with people intolerant of others opinions and ideas. Being kind does not mean being a doormat.

we all have to make choies somtimes in our lifes and manytime we will question the choice

that's true..Soemtimes we are forced into taking action..

Making a choice is the right thing....not doing anything...for you....would be the wrong choice.<br />
Peace and blessings<br />