Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

I was born rather "damaged" with regards to not having a whole brain and having not-so-noticeable physical disabilities. I am do not have a mental illness, and some expect more from me than what I can do physically since I don't look disabled. I was taught how to function in home, with others in home, with others in society.

One thing I was not taught but it has carried itself with me was the question that titles this post. I ask people on the Internet and off the Internet if I want to know something about them that they might perceive as private, even if I myself don't perceive it as private, "May I ask you a personal question?" to let them know before I ask the question that I am indeed pondering something about them they may not wish to freely blab to others. I don't do it out of shyness but rather respect.

A boy at my high school when I was in tenth grade was asked this question by me. He asked me why I asked him that. I explained my reason. I said I had a question that he might think is personal so I wanted to know if he was okay with me asking it before I asked it. He then asked me "What if I said no?" I said "Then I wouldn't ask." to which he replied "Alright, No."

I did not get my feelings hurt or get stress pains and ailments. I felt good that I had gone that route instead of just blurting out the question which would have resulted in him probably hurting me with his way of handling the situation. So we were both able to leave that scene unharmed. :) Always the preferential way of dealing with someone, when the result can leave everyone unscathed, unharmed, content.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
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May 6, 2012