Cookie Ookie

I was not going to share every act of kindness from me to others that is random and done with no expectations, but humans are bigger mimics than parrots, monkeys and so on. I still won't share everything cause I would not want it to seem like I'm boasting.

This story is about when I was 12 years old. I had just gotten my hair, that was almost at my knees, cut for the first time. I was at a nice church where people were nicer to people and beliefs from the Bible even though we are Christian were not twisted or messed with. I came from a church and school that had radical Pentecostal members. The pastor and his wife were also friends with a cult founder who had later in their lives brainwashed his following to drink the poisoned drink so they could all die. It made major news. Spooky ooky! But just cause someone's friend is one way doesn't mean they are like that too.

Radical Pentecostals take the verse in the Bible where Paul says "A woman's hair is her beauty" and redefines it as "Women cannot cut their hair or else they are sinning." A woman who was friends with my family at that church and school had ankle-length hair but then got it cut, kept it up around church and school, but let us know she cut it. Another woman whose oldest daughter was in my grade also cut her tremendously long hair and just put it in a braid or bun. People who want people to donate their chopped off hair for wigs and pieces for people who have cancer should look into getting it from Pentecostal women who tire of their long hair.

Anyways, back to the nice church. I had won a prize one time in a game. The prize was a cookie. I had that cookie before. It was very good. I also had the pleasure of meeting a nice girl next to me. She and I never met before then, but I wanted to share my cookie with her cause she was not mean to me. I asked her if she wanted half and she said yes. I tried breaking it in half with my hands. lol I couldn't. I gave it to her to break. She broke it in half, kept half and gave me the other half.

I am 34 and still cannot break a cookie in half. If anything, it breaks into pieces. lol It amazes me to see other guys and girls breaking cookies or crackers in half.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 7, 2012