Sweet Lady

A random lady who lives four houses from mine came to knock on my door just a couple of days ago. She was a stranger someone I have never even seen before. She introduced herself and explained she wanted to help my family. We are new to the neighborhood and she had heard from word of mouth that we had ten kids to feed. She is a elderly lady and invited me to her home and gave me food right out of her fridge and freezer. Little did she know at the time mine was empty the day she came knocking at my door. The next day she told me to head to her church, she even came to my house to pick me up in her car. She bright cookies and treats for all my little ones. How amazing this day and time a total stranger comes to your house and gives you food from her own fridge. She is on a fixed income and does not have much but is more then willing to share with my extra large family. We receive no help from social services for food so little things like this goes a long way in my home. I know she does not expect anything in return but I honestly feel she is a great person for this random act of kindness. To some a little food is not much but to my family it's means the world to us. After my husbands sister death we took in her two children four years ago. My sister gets sick and we take in her four children who traveled from Georgia to our home here in Virginia. It has always been hard to provide for my family since I don't work to stay home and take care of so many. What a blessing this lady and her church
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Wow! This story gave me goosebumps. People can be so kind sometimes. Stories like this restore my faith in humanity. I hate that you have to go through such struggle but I imagine you know it is well worth it. 10 little faces and hearts that appreciate you more than they even know yet. If there is anything I can do to elp, let me know :)