The Cafe

I was shopping alone when suddenly someone tweaked me on the shoulder. I froze. Who could this be with such a personal touch?
It was my Mum!
She laughed. "Who were you expecting?"
We decided to go for a coffee but she told me if I gave her the money (I was paying) she'd pay and get her Seniors discount. No argument from me and I duly handed over $20.
We ordered two coffees and a blueberry muffin to share as neither of us were particularly hungry.
Sitting at the table, laughing and joking, the waitress brought over our order but there were two blueberry muffins. I looked at her quizzically and she said: "Nothing to do with me, ask the boss."
I looked over towards him and he just winked.
That little bit of kindness made my Mother's day ....and mine.
Zoranna Zoranna
61-65, F
Nov 23, 2012