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There is a lovely little boutique in our local shopping centre that I hadn't visited in a while. I bought my Christmas Day outfit there and the owner couldn't have been more helpful. In fact he selected the top that matched the long skirt I had already chosen. He then asked me to have a look at his display of costume jewellery, which I don't normally wear. He selected a couple of necklaces that he thought would go with my outfit and he was right, it lifted the whole outfit. So I chose one. Came to settling the bill and he covered the price of the necklace, shaking his head. I looked at him quizzically and all he said was:
"Because it's Christmas."
I was so touched because this man is Indian. And so I just had to ask him if he was Hindu, at great risk of insulting him. He smiled, and that was all he said. What a lovely man. And it gets better.
Mum and I were having coffee and muffins the other day when she said she needed to buy a "blingie" top for a "Bollywood" themed function she's going to tomorrow night. So we went over to "The Boutique". They also sell manchester and I needed new tea towels. You can tell who's got the better social life can't you! She received the same first class treatment as I had before Christmas but just couldn't find a suitable top. I asked her if she had explained to him what it was for and she said no. So I did.
To cut a long story short, this wonderful gentleman, who is Indian remember, told her that he would ask his wife to loan her a sari. You could have knocked me over with a feather. But it gets even better!
She called me over this morning to help her choose an outfit from three exquisite saris and two tunic/pantaloons outfits that they have loaned her. She offered to give him a deposit as security which he completely refused outright.
What a beautiful, caring and generous family this is. I'm still in a state of semi shock. How wonderful is this?
The one she chose, which I agreed with, is the most beautiful tunic/pantaloons outfit complete with scarf I have seen. It fits her perfectly, apart from the length which she'll do a temporary fix on, and she looks gorgeous in it.
Talk about faith in mankind being restored. This family has done it all on their own.
Zoranna Zoranna
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I love hearing about things like this. At times it seems there is nothing but violence and hatred in society

I find Indian people very friendly. I was in Ladakh a few years ago at night a man asked me into his jewellery shop. I told him I was not interested in buying anything. He was ok with that as the GFC had made business very slow. I was looking at tanzanite rings and the power went out, it was pitch black & he said don't move. I said it's ok I won't take anything. He replied I don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself. Anyway after his generator started we looked at rings which I liked. One in particular was very nice he offered it to me for $850 I said it would cost me at least $3000 at home. He said take it with me and sell it at home or keep it if I wanted, either way I could send him the money latter! I was flabbergasted but turned his generous offer down.

It's soooo good to see that there are still some wonderful people in the world. Thank you for sharing and making my day.

It's funny. Every time one's about ready to give up on any anticipation of civility and kindness = something like this happens.

wonderful story

Wow Zoranna, what a truly heartwarming story. :-) Sorry for not noticing it earlier! I have some catching up to do. :-) What incredibly lovely people those two are. Really touching . :-)

I was totally amazed! It's truly heartwarming. Thanks for reading it. :-)

Thank youi for sharing it. :-)

These ARE true gifts of faith and truly remarkable considering the way this world is today. I can not quote exactly at this moment, but the Bible does state to beware of your treatment of others as you never know when you may be in the presence of an angel. These are people with no expectations, but just a true love for mankind in general. I have had many experiences such as this that seem to appear from nowhere and an instant restoration of faith if it is lacking at the time or for some just a very uplifting act of kindness.

What a lovely, thoughtful comment. Thanks. :))

It's nice to read a story like that, I remember you telling me about him giving you that necklace at Christmas. :)

Same fellow! He's a truly lovely man. Doing this without any expectations whatsoever. Amazing. :))