A Smile For You Is A Smile For Me :]

I believe kindness does go a LONG way. I always try to be kind to everyone, even people I don't knoe. I have even stoped complete starangers on the street, that seemed upset, to ask them if they were okay. I think that if someone is going through a really rough time, sometimes all they need is someone to reach out and show they care, even if its  complete stranger. I couldn't live with the thought that if i didn't ask, didn't help in some way then what if they went home and though nobody in the world had a care and took things into their own hands.... if you know what i mean. Maybe it's silly to think, but I just can't help it. Everyone want to feel loved.

KatMarston KatMarston
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 1, 2010

I'm a wheelchair user and experienced a lot of rudeness and ignorance but when some helps me in times of need it is appreciated very much indeed, so I am so happy to here about acts of kindness!<br />

If sum1 is just nice at the desk at work, it can make my whole day if it was going lousy. It's a reminder that there's still sumthin nice going on in the world.

Exactaly, hey, meybe it was even me once. that would be cray! haha

Absolutely right that a little kindness goes a long way! A little friendly conversation with a stranger about everyday things has lifted my mood more than once.