How One Little Detail Finshed The Piece,...

I have always stayed in good shape. I have been 245 and 9% or less body fat in my younger days a few times. I have MS now and 40 pounds of muscle less yet still have been told by many that I'm healthier than most-and I like to think I am. No more "ripped looks" tho-I need the fat I have to combat the MS actually. But the one lil'piece that completed my "work of art" was me restoring my 4skin. I never liked being closely mutilated-niether did most of my lovers or my wife-I just wore them out I could go "too" long. SO on my own I restored and I never feel "naked" now. I feel like I am how Males are suppose to be-all the standard equipment you might say! But the confidence and my self image/worth are 100% +now. It looks very natural-have even fooled the gals that tell me they world never be with a "cut". -just too rough and uncomfortable they'd say. [shhhhhhhh! ;) ]

But this canvas is done-and I'm glad of it. So many Males hate being cut-they wouldn't say it, Males in the USA mostly would never talk about it so they find it out accidentally on line and restore a lone.(how homophobic is that?) And that's sad since this is the very reason circumcism still happens, and it's so very wrong. God gave Males that skin to protect an inner organ that happens to hang outside the body, and the 75% of all a Male's sexual nerves are contained in that skin too! So would you go up to a work or art in a gallery and cut on that?

My canvas is finished! God bless the beast-S
bepuzzled bepuzzled
51-55, M
May 13, 2012