Iliac Crest

The last time that I was in my doctor's office - while waiting for him to come in to the exam room - I was examining an illustration on the wall showing the male anatomy with the names of each area or body part, if you will.

I've decided that one of my favorite regions of the male physique is the Iliac crest, or the top of the hip bones.  When I see a well-defined torso, my eyes are always drawn to the outline of the hips.
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You are really so correct. I love seeing a great in shape man's body. I am bi/oriented toward guys mostly, and my husband and I take care to keep our bodies in shape. We are in our late 50's, and spend a lot of time making sure we eat properly and keep our waist size to what we had in college, for me 33" as I am 5'7", 160#, for him 30", as he is 5'5",, 130#. We both love going to the beach and watching in shape guys parade by, and we are lucky to live in S. Fla, where we have a nude beach close, and can go naked and not be hassled. I read one of your posts about waking up with a hard on, early in the morning. Both of us do that, and that generally leads to sex, sometimes just hand job each other, sometimes regular anal f**king. But it feels a lot better early AM and everything is rejuvenated. We sleep naked so it Is easy to do it without having to stop and undress. like your postings, write me a note sometime.

You are so correct in this story. When our Creator made man He made perfection for the eye and the heart. I am very thankful to have been made a man and to have other men on earth for which to admire. I do admire and prefer His handiwork more on the live model or a great artist's rendition of the nude male body.

The human body really is an amazing piece of work. A perfect form, male or female, really does catch my eye. I would relate it to a piece of artwork. As I get older, and a less perfect speciman. I do long for the days when I was at the peak of my fitness and appearance. I wonder why I didn't appreciate itas much at the time.

Thus is the ignorance of youth and our deep desire for it to pass too quickly only to wish for it again as age progresses.