Where Do We Draw the Line?

Let me start off by pointing out that in the old Levitical laws of the Bible, it was a crime to cause the death of an unborn child. These laws were written by God Himself, and given to Moses to give to the people of God.


But really where do we draw the line? If it's okay to end the life of a 6mo fetus, why not a 16yo child? They are still not adults by law. What a huge double standard this is!


I prefer not to draw a line at all. When we make our purity a line, what happens? We get as close to that line as possible! Life is life, from the moment that embryo attaches to the uterine wall - on through birth.


I also find it hypocritical in the extreme to be okay with abortion now that your safe. You are only alive today because your parents choose life! I am glad no one decided for me whether I have I right to live.

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You guys do realize that not everyone is a christian. There is a law about separation of church and law, you know. For people who don't know what that is, it means you can't make laws based on religious beliefs.

I saw part of a really good movie before. I don't know the title. There was a woman who got pregnant willingly but then decided to abort the baby. Well others, even the judge recognize how when a woman wants the baby, she plans and prepares even when baby is in her but yet when a woman does not want the baby, suddenly she wants to be allowed to commit murder and get away with it by calling the baby a fetus, the same being that many woman recognize as a person if they want the baby. So she ended up getting tried for murder same as if she had murdered her baby outside of her womb. Truly something when you think about it.

I wish I knew the lawyer that would take. Case like that it won\'t bring my murdered child back but maybe it would atleast be a step towards better laws

The world is filled with selfish uncaring classless woman who have no problem slaughtering their child these same woman who want equal rights but say its a woman's choice same woman who want the choice to murder there baby and then say they had no choice disgusting worthless woman...abortion is the work of the devil.. How could it not be who else could or even would come up with a way to murde a child before it's even born... And these fools eat it up as a acceptable way to take care of a child... I still can't figure out how it's even legal.. If you smack you child in public there is a outcry from whoever not to mention possible child abuse charges and dealing with whatever child protective service you state has but if you kill a unborn it's fine wtf how????? That's the biggest and worst form of child abuse

you know what makes me mad the whole time i was married my husband and i tried to have children but i guess it wasnt meant to be and here people are aborting gods gift a baby while other people wants 1 so bad but cant have any..