Kids. Will. Have. Sex.

Telling them to wait is stupid. 



Gah. It doesn't matter what they're doing as long as they're safe doing it.

Give them some condoms and birth control. Educate them on STDs (STIs now? I dunno.) and the emotional impact it will have. And such and so forth.

And then send them on their way.

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beerfest is better. You can trust me! i am awesome!

I've never seen Beerfest or this documentary so I have no idea which is better...

im watching beerfest. It is a lot better then a documentary...

Isn't it a great show? my wife and I just got done with it. Maybe its on where you're at because of a different time zone or something. <br />
<br />
I already knew a lot of the things they talked about, but I did learn quite a few things too. I knew about the prairie vols, I had read about them last year. But I had never heard of the reasons that they gave for why women cheat and when.

That sounds like something I would enjoy watching...

I just watched a 2 hour special on Discovery about the science of sex. Fascinating stuff. They had all these experiments where they isolated what causes attraction and what chemicals are responsible for what, what area of the brain does what, everything from scent to the pitch of our voices and how all these factors change depending on where a woman is in her cycle.

I never said to just throw them out there...

Yep...it's called "More Than a Piece of Paper" in the group "I am Sick of the New Marriage Philosophy."

This reminds me of that one Friend's episode. "What?! Are you sure?!" And Joey whips out a big thing of condoms, haha. :P

Condoms are about 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STDs, and are virtually 100% effective if people actually know how to use them.

Oh, yeah, I've read that before. And possibly commented? I forget. He makes a valid point as abstinence is very important to some people. Still, this is what I think...

yeah that is cool i am just still really lost on this subject...

We've already had this conversation with Cowboy about sexual compatibility... lol. What was the name of the story? "More than just a piece of paper'? was it?

Oh, well, these are just my opinions. :)

I really wouldn't know this isn't my subject.

That is true. But I think for 90% of kids, it's not going to happen.<br />
<br />
I would say it's physical and emotional...

But sex is a physical act isn't? If you connect emotionally already can't you just learn to please each other?

Well, abstinence is definitely the safest way. It's the only 100% foolproof way of birth control AND preventing STD's.

Well, it's like with everything else. Sometimes you just don't click with a person. The connection just isn't there. Then what?

yeah i don't understand.

Sexually compatible... ?

what do you mean by compatible?

I don't think waiting until marriage is smart. What if you find out you're not compatible with your spouse after you get married? What then? Never have sex? That's not possible.<br />
<br />
Basically, my point is to teach kids to be safe. Not everyone agrees that you should wait. So... let's just keep them all safe.

Umm...this is a VERY broad, vague generalization. I was taught to wait until marriage to have sex...and guess what? I actually listened! Sometimes abstinence DOES work!<br />
<br />
Now, I don't believe in abstinence ONLY education because I know there are some hard headed kids who will have sex no matter what. So yes, we should teach kids about condoms and birth control and all that...but abstinence should be taught too. If I wasn't taught abstinence, I probably wouldn't be nearly as healthy as I am now...and I wouldn't have as clear of a conscience when it comes to sex.