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For The Most Part

It's always nice to hear words spoken that are meant to inspire, and enlighten. But really, the actions of a person have a direct effect and can negate the words that were spoken. I love hearing promises but when they aren't carried through with, well, it can sometimes leave me feeling a bit lost and confused. I have very little patience when it comes to this, maybe because I see it as a red flag, a caution that the person isn't being honest with me about other things. I can accept that not all things are possible, like promising someone the world, or promising to ALWAYS be there, people change and so do situations but, again mostly it's about keeping your words true to your actions. idk...I guess we are all guilty of this in one regard or another. I try my very best to keep in line with what I say and do.
SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering 66-70, F 2 Responses Mar 3, 2012

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This really spoke to me as I am going through a situation which relates to this story.<br />
I had a colleague who I thought was a friend but she constantly says she will do things and then doesn't bother. This has happened so often now, I have backed away. Anyone can say lovely things or make promises but it's the actions that count,otherwise the words become utterly meaningless.<br />
I am glad someone else gets where I am coming from here. Great story. x

Thank you

I think it's hard to find someone to love, but if you can find someone to love, even with all their short comings, it's a great thing. People ARE unreliable. But if you can have insight about people and take the good from them, in spite of the bad, I think you're ahead of the game.<br />
<br />

Agreed...thank you