I Simply Refuse To Spout A Bunch Of Empty Words

Once upon a time there was this young lady who married young.
She was rather temperamental and insecure.
Set in her own mind and determined.

With great frustration she married a man who could care less about his health.
That frustration initiated many of arguments with her spouse.
About following his diabetic diet, taking his meds, pacing himself, being a good father.
Yadda yadda yadda.

Over time her frustration grew.
The more she spouted words of concern.
The more she met with opposition. 

Over thirteen years she learned you can't change a person with words.
You can't make someone care about themselves or her.
And she grew to hate spouting out empty words that would have no effect.  

During that time she had seen many examples of couples.
Some who were good together.
Some where the basis of their relationship was one partner barraging, advising, and correcting the other.
Although she had never and would never treat her partner to that kind of disrespect in front of others.
She believed in being strong in her silence and support of her partner publicly. 
She also realized the true meaning of saving your words and allowing your actions to speak for you.

So she quit spouting words of, "You can't treat me this way, its not ok!!"
Took action and left. 

Now she is older, wiser, starting anew with a brand new relationship.
There is no spouting of words......
There is mainly action.

Simple Example:

She cooks a dinner, its ready to eat, She let him know its ready.
She gives him time to respond......if he doesn't.
She eats without him, cleans up dinner, leaving his plate ready on the table.
He comes back, sees his plate, looks at her and said,
"You already ate babe?" She nods her head and smiles while asking if he wants his plate warmed.
He smiles and said, "Please?"
She silently warms his plate and hands it to him.
He begins to eat, saying how great it is and thanking her.
She smiles.   He looks at her and apologizes for taking so long.
She leans forward and kisses his forehead while taking his plate to wash.
He taps her butt as she turns away.  She chuckles.
From that point on he is much more vigilant in making sure he is available when supper is ready.
Not a word was needed, she knew that he knew.
There was no tension, argument or confrontation.
Just a silent understanding.

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3 Responses May 18, 2012

I like you words of truth.I'm where you were,the words of concern are hollow.And not herd.A waste of time and energy.

Wonderful .. this is kicking arse with class .. :) .. hehe

Great story snowy and an ever greater point!! :) Actions always say more then just words.... You ROCK!! ♥

Thanks Sie :)