Actions. They speak way louder than words. You can tell someone that you love them until you`re blue in the face but if you don`t prove it to them then it doesn`t mean anything.. My mother said she loved me everyday, but if she really meant what she says then she wouldn`t have left me and my brothers and sister. its wrong to walk out on your kids like that, especially when they`re so young. i was only 3 when my mother took her own life. and now that i`m 16 its hard to believe that she even loved me at all... Like i said before. Actions are louder than words.
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I agree with you! If you tell a person how much you love them, it has no meaning unless you can make that person feel loved by you. I think that's a very good example...

I'm so sorry for your loss­čśč i hope you are doing fine. It was sad reading this :(

Hi Im always here if u need a friend to vent or talk to or need advice about anything. Feel free to read my stories and comment how they make u feel or thoughts u have. Have a good day xo

Actions do speak louder than words... but you're talking about two different sentences. She loved you but also suffered from a very deep depression, which means her existence caused such a a deep pain that she had to end it. I wish she could have been on medication and therapy... I'm so sorry you were left all alone without a proper explanation.. Hugs

She shouldn't have left